The difference between National and International Socialism

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The difference between National and International Socialism

Postby Jakob » Sat Mar 16, 2019 3:29 pm

Is only the scope. The ideals are the same, they are dumb, murderous antisemite thugs. The NSers are just the German speaking vanguard.

Socialism today is a party winning votes in the lower classes by marketing bought and designed by bizarre elites with way too much money. That is identical to nazi organization.
The nazi party declared itself to be a workers party, and it has done this until the end. It was a workers party, they worked very hard.
The other thing is that Socialists blame "the rich" which turns out to be more or less cognate with a certain ethnicity. I cant accuse you of doing that at all, it is just another similarity between the different occurrences of self proclaimed Socialism.

Did you understand my distinction between Communism as Bolshevism and Socialism as Menshevism?

In the end, all of it is Capitalism. I am arguing for a form of self-aware economy that puts first what will always put itself first in a good spirited group; the power of people to improve life for their own societies if they are rewarded for it.

By now, Capitalism has reached a stage where it is accepted by all across the world as a functional status quo and its worst enemy is unleashed, its own disgruntled attitude before the grim reality of its path up to here. This resentment before itself is an interesting phenomenon to say the least, it is manifesting in what appear in my point of view as a zombie theater where man is seen stripping himself of his dignity for the sake of social justice, and anyone who refuses to desecrate his ancestors and culture and nature is taken as suspect. In the process wars are conducted on premises so utterly blatant in their falsity that to print them in newspapers is a true and quite severe abuse of the readers integrity and makes people like me and I assume you too who are more outgoing in seeking information, who genuinely distrust the publishing branch because we know how easy it is to fabricate genuinely nauseous.

Capitalism has a history arguably from the 1200s to the present, Socialism is younger. In the scope of Socialisms life it has caused more destruction of what nature had cultivated for a billion years than in the centuries before it, except, I reckon, the total slaughter of South America by the Spanish. That was certainly a Capitalistic enterprise. And for this reason it is that South America remains an enigma, the most virgin like part of the world, where no wars between states seem to be much of a threat. Wars within, as Pedro said, Satan being cast into the favelas, the real class struggle. There is a debt there that man must repay himself. That could be dreadful burden if it werent the relish of the bestowing virtue of the magnanimous 5.

It is simple enough; unless a party produces every product it needs, there must be profits to subsist and pay taxes. For there to be profits the work must net more value than what any given employee or owner stands to receive.

the result is a system in which trillions of such enterprises make attempts at being launched by interest from the people so that very many very nice things are being done, and society acquires miraculous features such as cars, and a lot of utter crap. In my opinion capitalism hasnt been extended far enough; the scale of what one regards as a product is not yet on the right level. It has no choice but to surpass, outdo socialism in its ambitions to save the world. Because mankind is able to pull this off. That power isnt harnessed in ideology but in something closer to art.

--- Carleas, or whatever mod it was that censored me, I ask that instead of moving my threads, you simply remove the offenders from it.

Most of my threads these days are polluted by shamelessly out of context harassments, threats, insults, even songs written to try to shame me. I suggest that moderators keep aware of what is going on.
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Re: The difference between National and International Social

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:22 pm

as with most people who babble about socialism, you haven't the
vaguest idea what socialism is.... and thus your thread is meaningless
until you actually define and understand what socialism actually is....

so begin there, define socialism so we know what exactly you are talking

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Re: The difference between National and International Social

Postby Karpel Tunnel » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:48 pm

Jakob wrote:Is only the scope. The ideals are the same, they are dumb, murderous antisemite thugs.
Demonstrate that socialism and socialists are anti-semitic. Jews in the US tend to vote liberal, which is not the same as socialist but it is more socialist than the republicans. Jews have been key thinkers in the development of socialism and communism. Hugely influential was the Frankfurt school - we won't even mention Marx - and recently of course Mr. Sanders. But there are 100s of socialist jews who made notable contributions to socialism. ... 7#mw-pages

and note that list on that page is just the first of many.

National socialism was a right wing socialism and happily conspired with other right wing regimes and oppressed leftists at home and abroad from Germany.

This is just facile BS.

Just like calling serendipper out in another thread as anti-semitic, and then you have nothing to back that up.

I am sure it feels nice to paint your political enemies as being like the national socialists, but it is founded on nothing. And it has always been the right that has had the most sympathy for Hitler, then and now.
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Re: The difference between National and International Social

Postby Silhouette » Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:49 pm

This is the same slander by association that the right wing UK press constantly tries to pull to discredit the main left-of-centre party. Try to cook up some grounds to call them anti-semite, and then it seems much less of a leap to link their "Socialism" with Nazism.

Karpel is absolutely right, it's nothing more than facile BS.

Nazis were no different from the Soviets only in their adoption of the word Socialism to gain political favour with the working class by hijacking the good name of Socialist theory, which has zero to do with Nazi anti-semitism or Soviet Authoritarianism. There is zero anti-semitism in Socialist literature, nothing remotely close to it, and Authoritarian is the literal opposite of what the literature is advocating.

But it's so much easier to not read the literature, take political propaganda at face value, safely assume that others will do the same, and manufacture some fallacy of association based around a couple of common terms - thereby attempting to rope in other associations.

And this whole Seren scapegoating (who merely had the gall to copy the approach of others and dish it back out - how dare he! :o - if you can't take it then don't dish it out) is utterly irrelevant to his posts, which have had nothing to do with anti-semitism. Even if some Socialist was anti-semitic, that would be circumstantial and not evidence of this thread title in the slightest. You might as well find an anti-semitic capitalist and then try and to call out Capitalism as Nazism - absolutely proposterous.
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