Schizophrenia Conspiracy

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Schizophrenia Conspiracy

Postby lordoflight » Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:51 pm

I am a victim of Schizophrenia i have had schizophrenia much of my life

video of schizophrenia:

I want to talk about schizophrenia as a superpower and schizophrenia as a conspiracy

I believe there is a schizophrenia conspiracy. The Powers that Be make websites such as Youtube, Google, etc. Monitoring us, spying on us. Making a police state system of prison. Feminists want to throw everyone in jail for saying the word boob. THERE IS A MANUFACTURED SCHIZOPHRENIA BY SOCIETY. It is rational to have schizophrenia. It turns out they really are spying on us. It's engineered for all to have schizophrenia.

The video shows that the system is so stressful that whites are too stressed with the demands of modern living to not get schizophrenia. Obviously blacks are also stressed. The system wants to keep both whites and blacks down. Overworked and underpaid. That's the nature of this world.

Thing is, it's gonna backfire on the people that want to keep us down. Because I realized schizophrenia is actually kind of a superpower. Some of the shit is real and some schizophrenics are superior.

Voices told me to post this post that its the only noble thing to do and that this post would save this world
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Re: Schizophrenia Conspiracy

Postby promethean75 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 4:31 pm

well there's basically two kinds of schizos. there's the submissive paranoid who's afraid of the forces that made him so, and then there's the badass-schizo (among whom i classify dead pool) who laughs at and makes a mockery of said forces. only in the second case is this condition a superpower... a kind of mutation intended to weaken the subject, but instead makes him stronger. once it is realized that the conspiring powers are just as human as the schizo, the fear resides. take for example the mk-ultra program. i'm unlikely to experience any genuine fear at the thought of a few clowns in polyester suits playing with LSD in an office for eight hours, at the end of which they go home to their mediocre wives and eat a roast beef dinner. there's just something about the thought of that that doesn't scare me. now if these dudes were some kind of extraterrestrial aliens, then yeah, i might feel a little inferior and get spooked at the thought of being mentally manipulated. but the government, youtube, social media, whatever... these are just ordinary, uneventful dorks playing with toys which may or may not affect you subliminally. i mean if the worst thing they can do to me is make me experience some mysterious desire to run out and buy some axe body spray, i'd not find this to be particularly alarming.

always remember this, LOL; your enemy bleeds just like you do... and those who resort to covert means of warfare do so because they lack the strength to attack directly.
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Re: Schizophrenia Conspiracy

Postby Meno_ » Sat Mar 09, 2019 5:08 pm

And I want to talk about the unfortunate cases of suppressed superanarchysm that were suppressed by U.S. intelligence, viciously attacked in the very hour of their certain triumph, as the Unibomber and the Oklahoma bomber, who through their acts of patriotism,could/should be remembered as the epitome of superheroism and not as they lead to believe otherwise.

Hitler amd Stalin were both examples of types of praranoids as denoted by mad psychiatrists. who managed to overcome their underrated enemies and create an aura of bliss, for a future which could have been attainable , had not the international banking community investing most of their mad anger and destroyimg an unparalleled and beutific future for mankind, by inventing the most horrible nuke arsenals mankind has ever seen. They were actually mostly comprised of mad batter Hungarians, who abandoned their patriotism by repatriating to the U.S., , selling out the beloved Furher and his friends , Il Dice, and the Jap emperor Hirohito.

Trump, god bless em is on his way to eclipse such examples of bravura, over coming the plethora of alleged mental illnesses, by showing the world what mythical stuff he is made of!
All such descriptions of him are constructed by the crazy and jeolous sub intelligences, who do not recognize his superhuman and manageable genius.

Bravo, for this advanced type of Man.He will save the world and the democratic instincts by which modern commerce in the name of Capitalism will stamp out the commies for ever.

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Re: Schizophrenia Conspiracy

Postby mannequin01 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:02 pm

Well it seems to me that technological communication is fundamentally flawed especially when selective power is granted to the female, inevitably leads to self-deprecation as the female will more than likely never make a choice, will always hold out for "something" better, the something remains to be a confusion masked in mystery but is a result of a cognitive functional process which makes it impossible for any female to make a selection, as the female comes to know the male through masculine domination usually represented as a patriarchy in societal terms, which further results in regulation and socialization, if the females are liberated from such a system the fertility rates will heavily drop thus making whatever country susceptible to conquest by other social gender organized systems.
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