One Thing The Commies Got Right

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One Thing The Commies Got Right

Postby Pedro I Rengel » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:06 pm

Well OK, to be fair this precedes the communists, but there's a straight line there, you get it.

It is that equality of men is a political, societal issue. That is, inequality within societies is an artificial construct. Nietzsche had something to say about equality of men too, but he was looking at individuals, not political terms.

By calling out inequality as a problem, communists were clever. It is a lie that this is somehow an affront against nature (I mean, on the Nietzsche level it is), as political structures, societal structures, are things that are enforced and policed rather than naturally occurring as a kind of default. Obviously this means that equality, too, is not of nature or default. Both have to be enforced, so it is a fair war they declared.

In doing this, but claiming also cleverly that equality is a kind of natural thing, not quite, but a divine edict which is like nature but the kind that has to assert itself. Divine and natural are strange in their correspondence. They obviously didn't mean it, as a cursory look at their strategies at the most theoretical level down to the most circumstantial rely on neither nature nor God, but by that narrative they tricked their enemies into trying to find ways to affirm inequality as a divine or natural thing. Nazis 'n shit. Some might say nobility and royalty was this, but those were more about individuals asserting something than a set of societally accepted distinctions that relied on at least nominally objective police. It was sort of admitted that they were noble or royal because they took it and were gonna hold on to it. Again, same clever divine ploy often, but less malicious as it wasn't meant so much as a narrative weapon as a kind of hedge.

But yes, by this clever ploy communists were able to sow just enough self-doubt and confusion in their adversaries to greatly diminish effective, coherent or confident resistance.

All this as a kind of tip to capitalism. None of this shit is natural. It is good for another, much better reason. It works, and it is not cruel. If you keep trying to justify inequality by natural or divine arguments, you will either implode or eventually become a Nazi. You will be rendered useless. There's no future to it. If you take it aas what it is, an artificial construct, you will much better be able to defend it and understand the logistical aspects of working for it. Truth always makes things clearer.

This feigned offence at commies, that they are trying to force something on nature, is self-defeating in that you will then yourself rely on nature and be defeated. On this one, them commie bastards are right. You fight on equal ground: they want to demolish old artificial constructs to be replaced by a new one, and you want to defend the old ones or at least repel this nightmareish new one in order to work on sane, profitable and, you know, not psychopathic ones.
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Re: One Thing The Commies Got Right

Postby promethean75 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:15 pm

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