Keep your sexual misadventures to yourself!

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Keep your sexual misadventures to yourself!

Postby Gloominary » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:13 am

Your sex life is none of our business.
If you believe you've been raped by someone, talk to your lawyer, therapist, friends and family about it, or if the accused is a colleague or fellow student, talk to management or the schoolboard about it, but keep it off (social) media.
This's not an appropriate subject for public discourse.
If you have no evidence, you're wasting everyone's time and energy, and you're not only damaging the accused's life, which's of course your intention, but you're damaging their families lives, which may also be your intention.

And it's absurd to try to get someone fired over something you can't prove.

If you have evidence, hire a lawyer.
Only after the accused, particularly if they're a public official, has been charged and convicted, does it become a proper subject for public discourse, and if you don't have evidence *shrugs*.
Otherwise, you're nothing but a trouble maker, spreading unfounded, malicious gossip and rumors.
This's not something decent people of conscience do, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

And if you come forward with something decades after the fact when memories are hazy and whatever physical evidence there was, if any, has long since evaporated, you have no one to blame but yourself.
You can try to make excuses, like saying it was shameful for you to bring it up, so you kept it concealed, but really, you're kind of being a coward, aren't you?
Because if you what you say is true, you have allowed what this individual did to you, to probably do to other people.

Since progressive feminism (as opposed to other variants of feminism, such as conservative and libertarian feminism) has taken over our society, there's hardly any shame in admitting you've been raped.
Most are more inclined to unthinkingly take the side of the 'victim' than the 'perp', showering them with attention, sympathy and donations, as has been more than demonstrated by '#me too', incentivizing pathological liars to bare false witness by the thousands for generations to come, fueling a pandemic of mass rape hysteria.
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