Fat women demanding love.

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Re: Fat women demanding love.

Postby lordoflight » Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:02 pm

Pandora wrote:
lordoflight wrote:
To be honest, I'd rather fuck a cute petite guy than have sex with a woman who is 700 pounds. If that makes me a fag so be it. Can't even with that fishy stank.
. This kind of thinking was a later development of civilization, perhaps when population control was becoming an issue (or rather, survival was no longer the major issue and probably hasn’t been for many generations already). This is where, I believe, aesthetics come in. The ideas of “spiritual” love, a higher love which births “knowledge” and “virtues” (instead of babies) was now becoming more accepted.
http://www.livius.org/articles/concept/ ... sexuality/

Maybe it was similar to pederasty/pedophilia in modern day Afghanistan. Love is the main theme for Afghanis as well when it comes to boys (jealousy, kidnappings and murder included), except in Afghanistan, the boys dress and act as girls.
Spiritualized/Romantic love is a common element in both.

When was lusting for jabba the hutt women a thing? Even as far back as when men who lusted for women who looked like chimpanzees? Even chimps dont lust for jabba the hutt women. I cant think of one species on the planet that lusts for jabba the hutt women.

Also, if I was world dictator, and someone was born gay or trans and wanted to fuck dudes I'd allow it. But encouraging straight guys, especially soldiers, for christ's sake, to fuck older men is degenerate. Its the same as nukes. Rots the mind. But Moonlight got a 98%/100 so what do I know.
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