Modern systems and the retardation of nature.

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Modern systems and the retardation of nature.

Postby mannequin01 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:12 pm

It seems to me that the system has exploited naturally occurring aspects of the human condition, namely self-worth. Where people are heavily socialized into conformity through obtaining a relative value in the form of reputation and status, or even a subjective self-conscious opinion. This conformity seems to have an embedded need even bordering on desperation, where the system platform not only exploits it but also exposes it. It seems to me that this need/desperation is also naturally occurring, and a more natural organic platform would automatically expose it, which could possibly result in, what is known as, natural selection. A lot of this need could be a result of biological weakness that has simply yet to be filtered, it lives within a system that allows it to continue on a lot longer than it otherwise would of. This prolonged system based existence deludes the biologically weak being into thinking it is of adequate significance to continue existence, this often manifests into delusion and narcissism, and a over estimation of its own natural worth and capacity.

Paying dues seems to be the new prayer, as particular types climb the ladder to a, what they call, social success. Ego is hidden behind a morality which sits on contribution. Diversity breaks the union of the kingdom, so this contribution is not being trusted solely in the hands of the citizen, so taxes are automatically deducted by the system before the paycheck reaches the worker. An opportunity to exist merely seems to be objective of the worker, which is then injected with a relative morality, pride, responsibility etc.. with no further inquiry about the objective of the contribution or the direction of the civilization. Maybe morality softens the relation between the ego of self and the contribution to a system,as i imagine if such a thing as morality were to be removed then the ego would directly confront the system's authority. Morality also seems to highlight submissive tendencies where it becomes a convenient excuse told to oneself to manage the self's biological weaknesses. Diversity also destroys natural bonds, creating a self-preservation individuality, which is then directed towards social success within side the walls of the system, i would also suggest that fear adds the "ruthlessness" to the ego in difficult to survive in environments, but it can also encourage formation into a collective.

I have been thinking about what makes these modern people retarded, it seems to me that all value which is striven for by these people is relative to the modern system, or its structural position. They seem to have no literal ability to think outside of it, there is an automation of the mind where it becomes artificially dependent upon the relative conformity. Any questioning of this conformity also results in a defensive paranoia as they feel like they are being attacked and their self-worth is being negated, which in a way it is because their worth is conformity based, as a result, this automation aspect of the system creates an auto protection through the "human", the human itself becomes a reflection of the existing system.
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Re: Modern systems and the retardation of nature.

Postby pilgrim-seeker_tom » Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:14 am

A very interesting post ... colorful language and imagery.

Paraphrasing ...

The evolutionary process is taking us somewhere we don't want to go. :-)

Transmutation in our brains ... reconfiguration of neural pathways and circuitry ... the consequence of expanding consciousness ... individual and collective ... is painful, frustrating and generally undesirable ... yet ... unavoidable.

Fasten your seat belts ... the ride is about to get exciting. :-)
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