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Re: Of Property

Postby Zero_Sum » Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:21 am

Gloominary wrote:
Zero_Sum wrote:For the upper and middle class lifestyles to prevail a constant horde of newer generations of indentured slaves must exist. The spice, tears, monetary, and blood harvesting must flow!

(Even if the entire world is destroyed in the process of this ongoing historical social dialogue or dialectic.)

The 'middle class', whatever that even means nowadays, there is no such thing, are also slaves.
I think that's the most likely outcome, the entire world being destroyed, really I wish it weren't the case, but humanity has little-no interest in ending this rat race over a cliff towards oblivion.

In the globalist new world order or global dark age prison planet under transhumanism however you wish to categorise our contemporary epoch not all slaves are equal as some are worth much less than others. In the perfect kind of prison system you have the slaves fighting each other for scraps. There is only one possible way to avoid the cliff towards oblivion but requires violent global revolution everywhere, unfortunately we're not near that point yet as most it would seem do not have the will to fight together and until that will to fight begins in earnest for a majority of people there is only the ongoing cold pale of tyranny that we're left with now.

Nothing also changes either until the deranged lunacy of democracy is finally exposed for the fraud that it is along with the liberal notion of individualism that is used to divide and conquer whole entire societies. Until people start seeing society as a collective organization in social unity nothing changes.
The temple mount will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and all the nations of the world will be ruled from there. All races, cultures, leaders, and nations will come to bow before the new messiah yet to come. All will come to know the chosen of God who refer themselves as Jews. For every Jew there will be a thousand goyim that will be their slaves as it was ordained by God. Every man, woman, and child will convert to Zionism.
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Re: Of Property

Postby Gloominary » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:09 pm

The problem with modern slavery is people think they're free and can get ahead, when they're not and fundamentally can't, maybe a little, but their kids and grandkids will have a lower standard of living than they did, and so on down the line.
People are really industrious and innovative, thinking this'll benefit them as much as their capitalist/corporatist overlords, when it won't, not even a 10th as much, not even a 100th.
And as a result, more and more of nature is destroyed so fewer and fewer people can live a life of luxury.
eventually and inevitably these two-party capitalist corporatist dictatorships will crumble, giving way to single-party fascist dictatorships, nations and supranations will go to war over dwindling resources in a desperate attempt to maintain some semblance of their living standard, leading to WW3 and either our extinction, or at least the end of civilization as we know it.
Ideally humanity would wake up and stop supporting a system that threw them overboard ages ago, either opting for another, better system, many have been proposed, or no system at all, but unfortunately, it doesn't look as tho that's going to happen.
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