Women CHOOSE criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves for sex

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Women CHOOSE criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves for sex

Postby Urwrongx1000 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:15 pm

If women are actively choosing to engage relationships, and have sex with, criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves, and all the "evil" men, then at what point is it the women's fault (if ever) compared to the men, related to any of those crimes? Often times children are wrought of these relationships as well, reproducing more of the same, the next generation of criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves, etc. So if people really wanted crime to lower or stop then they would address this concern, of how and why they are reproduced. Liberal-leftists will respond with: "It's not a genetic thing, it's not nature, but it's the failure of nurturing and education which produces criminality". However this argument has been falsified many times in modern discourse and no longer has merit. Criminals are beget by criminal parents, father and mother. Thus women are 50% to blame for all crimes. After all, all criminals had a mother at some point. Many criminals claim that they come from "bad parents and broken homes", again, they blame their deadbeat mothers and/or fathers. Isn't this testimony to the fact? Some women are to blame for the ills of society.

I know this hits everybody hard and rubs everybody the wrong way. Let's say it again: Some women are to blame for the ills of society.

The idea that some women CHOOSE (as is their supposed "right") their mates and lives, and what, don't have consequences???

How can women, feminists, and you reading this, all claim that women have the "Right to Choice", when all the consequences of those choices are ignored, or that females are always blameless and innocent?

Final note, aren't girls and women attracted to the "bad boy", rebellious, criminal male from the very beginning? That young women demonstratively want to 'tame' the bad boy with offering of sex? Is this just a television and cultural trope, or is there some truth to it? That women want the 'exciting' male to fuck with, but not to build a home with? And that women prefer the criminal male's nature, to have sex with, first and foremost, rather than some "beta-nice-guy-everyday-citizien"?

If what I imply is true, and you really need to agree or disagree one way or another here, then what are the implications and results? Wouldn't that then mean that human reproduction is entirely predicated on the "evil" nature of men, or rebellious nature of 'masculinity', far before women settle down with the "nice-average-beta-citizen" male who provides for them with home, house, and a secure setting? Wouldn't this then also mean that Criminality and "evil" are going nowhere, since, that is the very first sexual preference that women have?? And do these observations only apply to humanity, or other mammals and species as well? Is risk-taking generally rewarded or punished, in nature?

Cite specific examples.

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Re: Women CHOOSE criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves for

Postby Ecmandu » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:38 pm

Let's set the good guy / bad guy argument aside.

The real issue is the number of partner stratification on the male side... to resolve this issue respectfully requires better communication between everyone, which will reduce aggression.
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