Being Male is Rape.

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Being Male is Rape.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:07 pm

When you are born male you never gave consent to being born male or female. As a human being person you never gave consent to something yet have to follow the rules and obey. For example if you are born male you are forced to live a life of ugliness and mediocrity. You are not allowed to wear makeup or good fashion sense. And you are told you are not allowed to have emotions or like anything that is girly.

Also if you are born male no woman will approach you after high school and you will be treated like a leper and second class citizen. But they all say that this is "Consent" and that this is a society about consent. Yet noone consents to the rules of being born male they are simply brainwashed into it.

So if your whole life you are lonely because you had a 50/50 chance of being born with a vagina, but were not born with a vagina, apparently you gave your "Consent" to being lonely.

So if we are playing that kind of game...Rejection is the same as rape. Because someone consents to a loving relationship, and you reject them, it is violating their consent. After all, lonely people have an equal chance of suicide as rape victims. What's the difference??
Oh yeah, the difference is, everybody feels sorry for females, nobody feels sorry for males. Males are the first to die in the titanic, ladies get a second chance. Oh and im the joker hahahahaha dont like it you should blow your head off. I wish I was female so I could I could use my sexual power to get politicians to do what I want. As a male nobody listens to you, but as a female if it was star trek I could take over the galaxy and get everyone to do my bidding. Hahaha lol.
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