humans are insane

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humans are insane

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:54 pm

If a dog humps someone's leg, they simply yell at it and give it a timeout, then five minutes later say "I love you and you are a good dog". But if a human humps another's leg, everybody loses their minds and they go to jail for 5 months or 5 years. Humans are absolutely positively insane! Humans hate other humans more than any other species. And yet they say humans are a better species and thus eat meat of other species, because they think humans are too good to die. If they love humans so much, why do they hate and punish humans so much? Nothing they do makes any sense.
Humans need a spiritual savior, someone who is above them, such as myself.

The case of Michael Jackson...who was insane, Michael Jackson or the Michael Jackson haters? People call Michael Jackson a pedophile, this is because the human species is a bunch of liars who inherently lie in the way they speak, they intentionally talk in hyperbole, use misleading language and regularly blur reality in a hysterical manner. And then they call themselves the good guys. Michael Jackson was NOT a pedophile, what he was was someone who was allegedly accused of being a hebephile. There is a big difference between a hebephile and a pedophile, but in a society of lies and liars, where truth is regularly out the window and replaced with hysteria and blurred realities, it's almost frightening to even dare to speak the truth. Again, nothing humans do usually makes any sense, obviously if a dude has a relationship with a 15 year old girl they aren't a pedophile. Are 15 year old girls, who lust after 14 year old boys, pedophiles? It would be ridiculous to call them pedophiles. And yet, look at these Liars, who lie whenever they please, and then shame the truth speakers.

So I know what you're about to say, if I'm the Word-police, why am I more flexible in my gender terminology? Because it would be RUDE to call transwomen men! I have clearly defined what I mean by the word woman, I have already stated that by "woman" I mean a girl with a penis. If I see a transwoman in public, it would be downright rude and absurd to call them a man. I view gender as what I see with my eyes, especially if I see a person who looks like a woman and passes as a woman, it would be VERY ridiculous to call them a man. Now then you say, "Why not call them transwomen?" Well follow the tree of logic here. I can't call them transwomen because their existence is socially unacceptable, I can't out them in public. So yeah, sometimes you have to hide the truth around Nazis, and lie about the Jews not being in the basement. But in a perfect world without judgement, bigotry or lies, I would say that transwomen should declare themselves as transwomen, because there is no reason to hide.

Now the main ephiphany is this. Humans are insane, because they don't recognize boredom as a form of torture. In those dog commercials, it shows dogs in cages, and you feel sorry for those dogs. Subconsciously you feel sorry for those dogs because you inherently know boredom is a form of torture. When a dog howls outside you feel sorry it because you worry it is bored. So why don't we carry this awareness to everyday life and human interactions? Humans have a higher level of consciousness than dogs, and yet they don't consciously recognize boredom as an actual serious form of torture. And if you say boredom is torture, they just say "hahaha youre a troll I don't take you seriously." They are pile of garbage.
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