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Re: In Defense of a Nation

Postby WW_III_ANGRY » Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:07 am

AutSider wrote:Anger isn't always unjustified. Some people have very good reason to be angry. And anger is a very important and useful emotion, as it enables one to muster the courage and willpower to destroy an enemy and survive.

The white people, "Nazis" you are speaking of, are watching their people get discriminated against and slowly genocided in a nation that is openly hostile to their interests and all of this is enforced at gunpoint of military and police.

They have very good reasons to be angry.

See thread: ... 3&t=192812

Perhaps you didn't read what the anger was based on, you're arguing past what I state, ignoring what I state, it seems you are what I state.
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