Politics polarity

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Politics polarity

Postby URUZ » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:09 am

There is Left vs Right because most people do not have the emotional and cognitive capacity to contain enough information and perspective such as to allow them to operate in political terms without reducing that vast amount of information and perspective to a more manageable size. Because of this, politics split down the middle; if you think about it it is sort of "coincidental" that Left and Right are each generally about 50% of the voting public, and tend to switch places over time. This is only because of the need for the splitting of the total space of information and perspective when it comes to political matters.

Why did it not split into three parts, or more? Perhaps because as you split into more parts you reduce the margin of the total space available to anyone in any given camp. Thus two splits achieves the maximum amount of space leftover to any person in either camp, while still accomplishing the necessary split.

Both Left and Right contain parts of the vital and necessary information and perspective. In theory both sides could be "sewn up" together into a unified whole, but that would require far more emotional and cognitive effort and brain power than most people are capable of. Also it would destroy the functional polarity of the two party system in terms of each side acting as a check and limit against when the other side is in power... indeed this is the number one functional rationale of either political party: not to establish positive goals or policies but simply to limit the other side when it has power.

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