Revolting middle class. If the rich keep funding war with th

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Revolting middle class. If the rich keep funding war with th

Postby Greatest I am » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:11 pm

Revolting middle class. If the rich keep funding war with the lives of the lower classes, I wonder when the lower classes will revolt.

I would like to think, soonest is best, thanks to the left being too far left of the political spectrum, and the right being too far right.

The U. S. needs a third party to draw both overextended wings in and that should be a worker’s party.

If the worst affected by war, the middle and working classes, do not form a third party to represent the wealth creating demography of the country do nothing revolutionary, the dumbing down of the middle has worked quite well and the nation has no heart or love of self.

If the average working man or woman is not to be represented by either Democrats or Republicans, and are too dumbed down to see the requirement to be represented as important, and continue with their antiquated two party system, then you my dear Yankee friends, have devolved into quite a revolting and heartless middle and working classes.

You are even more revolting than the rich C S sons of bitches that don’t care for your welfare at all. The rich do not give any thought to your welfare, even as you enrich them more and more daily. It seems to me that you match their mind set by not giving a thought to your own long term welfare or about what kind of American Nightmare you are giving your children.

Bring the rich to heel or face a nuclear war. It’s your revolting choice.

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