what the hate against liberals, transgenders..etc means

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what the hate against liberals, transgenders..etc means

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:29 pm

the thing to note is this... conservatives/ right wing types build their worldview
in a small box.... in this small box lies their opinions, their belief system,
their understanding of how the world works, their values and their perspective
of the world..... in this small box lies such opinions like god created marriage
to be between a man and a women.... homosexuality is wrong..... transgender
people are emotional, mentally confused, mentally ill......everything is a plot or
conspiracy against the conservative and his beliefs... the (take your pick) jews,
liberals, communist, radical left, or some combination like the
"radical liberal communist left" is trying to promote their agenda or corrupt the world
into their sick version of the world.....everything fits into this little box and anything
outside of this box is wrong or a lie or a conspiracy or an agenda.....

for the conservative, they think that the "radical liberal communist left has a
convention every year and we get together to plot our taking over the world
with our anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-human views with our morally depraved vision
of the world...... nothing could be further from the truth....
I mean we do have a convention, much fun was had by all.... but we are
so clever and so diabolical in our meetings that NO ONE has ever disclosed
that we have a yearly convention to take over the world.... before now....

but the truth is far simpler..... the fact is the left is far more diverse
then the right....we cover far more visions of the human being then
the right..... the right fixates on its small box of beliefs and anyone
outside of that small box is evil, wrong, morally depraved...
we accept all with exceptions and even those exceptions
are interesting.... we don't tolerate those who promote
hate and violence against other people......why should we tolerate
violence against people? the goal is peace, not violence and we
believe that the way to achieve peace is via tolerance and compassion and
most importantly, justice... everything a liberal does, he/she does
in the name of justice..... and justice requires tolerance and acceptance
and understanding........that is why tolerance is a part of justice.....

under the broad heading of justice lies tolerance and compassion
and truth and a broader view of humans then the right have.....

you hate in the name of some vision you don't even understand...

and we on the left, we love but our love is not some one size fits all love....
I don't love the same things other liberals love and we are ok with that...
I don't need you to fit some vision I have of what a human is
but you do need me to fit into some vision that you have of human beings...
remember the box.... anything that doesn't fit into the box... anything that
is not you.. is hated and feared and despised..... I have the world and
all you have is a small box......

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security
wind up with neither."
"Ben Franklin"
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