This is why I hate conservatives

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This is why I hate conservatives

Postby URUZ » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:57 am

Just heard a 20 minute rant by a conservative radio host about how terrible Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts was this week. Funny thing is, I watched that speech yesterday, and it was a good speech. He talked about success, values, how Boy Scouts help make society better and become leaders, he talked about the importance of vision and having momentum in your success, about never giving up, about doing what you love and not selling out to a job you don't like, he even talked about how as Americans we love God, not government.

You'd think that would be a smash hit with typical "folksy" conservatives, but apparently not. The mere fact that Trump said "what the hell" once or twice is, I guess, enough to make these conservitards hate he entire speech.

This guy went on for 20 minutes about how the speech was terrible and had no class, how we don't have standards anymore, blah blah... but funny enough he didn't even say one specific objectionable thing that Trump said. His only specified comment was that Trump talked about some politics issues such as the fight to repeal Obamacare, thus apparent to this radio faggot that means it was "a campaign speech".

Fuck these fucking churchy cowardly cunts who can't even handle a little bit of "sharp edged honesty" or a single "naughty word".

Go watch the speech for yourself if you want, and judge as you will. I thought it was a pretty good speech. Even the parts where he talked about politics and policy, including calling out the fake news. That's highly appropriate to do in front of kids, they need to know the truth. Don't treat them like fucking babies, these are Boy Scouts we are taking about. Honor them by being honest with them about the problems we all face from the crazy radical left and their media hooligans. Considering the crazy radical left has "values" that contradict just about everything the Boy Scouts stand for, it's perfectly acceptable. And that wasn't even a major focus of Trump's comments, he just made a few offhand comments.

Goddamnit. Fuck these christiany churchy motherfuckers who want to return to the Pleasantville days of shoving bars of soap in your mouth for saying a "dirty word". Fuck these fuckers. How dare they turn on Trump for such a pathetic non-reason. What a bunch of fucking babies. They don't deserve Trump one bit.

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Re: This is why I hate conservatives

Postby WendyDarling » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:07 am

Conservatives hate you too for being a dumdum.

I live my philosophy, it's personal to me and people who engage where I live establish an unspoken dynamic, a relationship of sorts, with me and my philosophy.

Cutting folks for sport is a reality for the poor in spirit. I myself only cut the poor in spirit on Tues., Thurs., and every other Sat.
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Re: This is why I hate conservatives

Postby humunculus » Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:05 pm

Almost nobody deserves Trump.
Those who do are more than welcome to him.
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