Your news is fake, bitch! #memewar

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Your news is fake, bitch! #memewar

Postby Void_X_Zero » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:16 am

"Primitive mentality differs from the civilized chiefly in that the conscious mind is far less developed in scope and intensity. Functions such as thinking, willing, etc. are not yet differentiated...this shows itself in the circumstance that the primitive does not think consciously, but that thoughts appear. The primitive cannot assert that he thinks; it is rather that "something thinks in him." The spontaneity of the act of thinking does not lie causally, in his conscious mind, but in his unconscious. Moreover, he is incapable of any conscious effort of will; he must put himself into the "mood of willing", or let himself be put---hence his rites d'entree et de sortie." --Carl Jung
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