Jewish bigoted nationalism criticized by cool Jewess

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Jewish bigoted nationalism criticized by cool Jewess

Postby AutSider » Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:09 am

by shitting on Israeli flag. I always admire people who can be so self-critical and are aware of their own bigotry. I fully support this woman's anti-nationalist efforts concerning Israel.

She is an enlightened, free thinker, unburdened by prejudices based on genetics. There isn't such a thing as "Jew really". If all people in Israel whom you consider to be "Jews" (such a social construct) were replaced with Arabs or negroes Israel would stay the same, essentially.

I think Israel needs to be culturally enriched. It needs to become at least 40% Arab and 40% negro. Add in about 10% aborigine too for extra diversity.

Open borders for Israel!
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