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Meet the I(eye)

Postby Meno_ » Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:31 pm

There is more than meets the eye here in Trumpland. It's not at all obvious, that either THE MEDIA is at fault in propagating very biased and liberal viewpoints, or that the conservatives are a bunch of messed up , naustalgic dreamers, who wish to turn
back the clock to a time when America was truly great, a post World War Heaven , and haven for most of the planet's wealth.

How can any one believe that America can return to a time of cheap gas, burgers for a dime, 2 cents
stamps, 25 cents box Marlboroughs,easy breezy rock,
hope and yearning feeling like it was blowing in the wind, all the great sex available, the coming of all of man's satisfaction of urges, repressed for such a long
time, the fruits of the miracles of science, carrying
everyone away into the American bliss, that the founders promised as inalienable rights?

What went wrong with everything, so well on its way?

That Communism was the culprit, there was no
doubt, but with half of the world indoctrinated into
world of static economics, not much was expected from the East, except low production from comrades,
highlighted social realism, , so
long the arch enemy of abstract art, proclaiming a
calculable equality, albeit a drab one , for all the proletariat, except of course, the members of the Politburo.

One thing was well with Communism, however, that it
balanced and contrasted with the evil freedoms and
glittering excesses of Capitalism's lurid attractions.It
generated enthusiastic fever among the wild rocked and rolled new post war generation.
The world afforded the balance by virtue of
the ideology, a hope that the Soviets used ,
and faded the glory Capitals's allure. Ever ridding it of its iron clamped ideology seemed hopeless until it's dissolution.This balance through the old dielectic ,assured stability, depth, contrast, choice ,
and of course MAD, which kept it in check, when conjoined to the wild West's promised freedoms.

But the good times , promised for so long by myopic politicians eager to retain their jobs, kept their
promises , more or less, by incurring huge loans, to finance the unbelievable dream of the supposedly
lasting greatness of the American dream didn't last.Other countries got caught up in this Panzi scheme of borrowing, until the US became laden with debt , to the guills.

Now the trouble with the anti democratic finanigans, which Nixon was caught in, was precipitated &
predicted by Eisenhower, his boss, who in a sort of
half-hearted way, warned of the coming of the military industrial complex.

But the military establishment IS intelligence by fiat. They possessed an international sense of logistics, and they knew better intelligence than the internal
agencies. What's more, their logic did not stem from
any sense of loyalty, or lucrative paychecks,because their life depended on cold, hard facts of REAL conflict.

Liberalism, as a hopeful principle based mainly on a self fulfilling prophecy based on the idea of the
greatness of America , foretold by the founding
fathers, (the same fathers who could not conceive of a society feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in the midst of plenty),had no clue about the coming of the effects
social psychology could have on ideology.

It was an archaic period where classic theories were meant to last forever. But they do not.
Authoritarianism had to counterweigh the delusions
of citizens living the lived a life of imagined greatness above all others. It has happened many times in history. The emerging illogic of social and
political life reflected the caveat of the modern
artistic manifesto, as when absurdism predicted the coming of political folly. Art always precedes reality, it is a sign. This is why disenchanted modern artists' desire for some kind of reconstruction, where Art again may become a beacon in times of darkness. An art prescribing to the elements of unitary principles of harmony, depth, and meaning. Perhaps as we see it may follow suit in new logically interrelated installations of integrative power.

Trump's old frien Nixon owes this political sense of
reality to this him, even promising to hang his
portrait on the Oval Office wall , as the first thing he does. He owes him a debt, both intellectual and historical. That Trump learned at least these lessons of history, may guarantee he need not repeat them.

This historical past is what is missing in the various
hearings, and this is why the issue, the country, and
the personality of Trump is soooo compelling, and devicive.

The hearings only tangentially touch on Nixon, forgetting that the seeds of the manufacture of
political haraunge was implemented as politically
expedient nearly 50 years ago.
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