The Will to Immortality

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The Will to Immortality

Postby 1mpious » Wed May 24, 2017 12:59 am


What can be said about the pleasure of the completely ignorant? The struggle to survive in a world devoid of science yields a humour as perverse as it is archaic, the intelligence of man both pushed to the limit and reduced to a giggle. This applies especially to the people of the Dark Ages who somehow knew everything despite knowing nothing. But the tradition continues to this day with the simple ways of highly intelligent dropouts hooking us all to a culture of ignorance and fostering the decline of our times. Such futurism was the death of Rome but will it turn out to be the death of our civilisation? Only time will tell...

Does man not seek to immortalise himself before all that would stand in his way? Do we not find man's desire for immortality expressed squarely within his need to conquer, his need to overcome? Does man's descent to immortality not belie a great endowment of spirit, such as would in the end bless even his inheritance of the Earth? To be sure, only thus does man arrive at the immortal fruits of his descent, only thus does he find himself immortally complete.

From the postwar rock'n'roll era to the futuristic projects of the present day, Western culture has yet to fail the task assigned it. Here we see a community which is passionately redoubt even in its most mercurial states of being, Western culture inevitably proving time and time again to be a force which, even in the darkness of night, conquers the ignorance of millennia to the glory of a world as brave and young-hearted as it is in need of thre immortal.

Over and over, again and again mankind reaches into his own far distant future to gather what is needed to find immortality in the world. Beyond the valleys of his mirth and within sight of the joyful peaks of his spirit, the rolling hills of eternal bliss known to peoples of declining empire allow him to dream of a world beyond condemnation and punishment, a world rich enough to be free of the moralist endeavor which has tainted the history of man.

The divine spirit in man guarantees life according to our faith in the immortal.
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