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Re: Group pride

Postby MagsJ » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:09 am

Mimisbrunnr wrote:
MagsJ wrote:So the team is your own kind.. not like minds? or would they make the team on the basis of being like minds?
What makes you think the two are mutually exclusive?

I don't, that's why I asked.. it doesn't matter now.

Mimisbrunnr wrote:
MagsJ wrote:I find sport a child-like passtime, but I don't disagree that it's fun to watch, as I guess that someone's got to entertain the masses by any means necessary.
Nice deflection. Science denier. Lol.

I was deflecting? Nah! that's exactly how I see sport and therefore the situation you described.

Mimisbrunnr wrote:
MagsJ wrote:It is not about what others say, but about how they go about doing things.. so not so much about bias, as it is about ethics.. or is ethics based on bias in your mind?
You are assuming that your interpretation of how they are going about doing something is a rational or factual interpretation. That was my whole point.

...hence my question.
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