The magic roundabout

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The magic roundabout

Postby Amorphos » Fri May 05, 2017 10:29 pm

The magic roundabout

Communizing father time

In a manner of speaking, If I were to attempt to understand the man who sees all of time [‘father time’ [Celtic [some old guy sat by a tree smoking a pipe]]], I would fail. If however, he left his seat and I went and sat there, then I’d see the whole of time rolled out like a carpet before me.

I think we can communize divinity all any positions of power, by seeing them simply as positions and perspectives.

Communism et al?

- or are positions important instead. there could be like ninja trees of how important people are n stuff.

The truth is naked,
Once it is written it is lost.
Genius is the result of the entire product of man.
The cosmic insignificance of humanity, shows the cosmic insignificance of a universe without humanity.
the fully painted picture, reveals an empty canvas
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