Who discovered North America ?

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Who discovered North America ?

Postby above us only sky » Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:28 pm

We learned in the school history class that America is discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. But in recent years some people suggested there might be another story.

Here is one story I found very interesting:

North America was first discovered by Asian explorers. Here are some "evidence"

Evidence 1: A brass Medallion was found in early 1994 near Asheville, North Carolina with the following words "authorized and awarded by emperor Xuan De of Great Ming"

Emperor Xuan De was the ruler of Ming dynasty China from 1425 to 1435.

Here is the detail: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/my-best-finds/373268-diggers-diary-mysterious-ming-medallion.html

Evidence 2: The European maps at the time contains very limited detail of the geography of the inland and pacific coastal area of North America while some Chinese maps have much more details and seems more correct:

Here is the link of a 1602 Chinese map, it is a collection of the library of congress.

If a person compare it with some 1650 European maps like this one

One would realize that even 100 years after Christopher Columbus, the European map makers still consider California as a big island separated from the American mainland.

Evidence 3: In some American Indian culture, there may be something connected to explorers from Asia.
Here is the historical flag of the Cherokee people, this flag has the Big Dipper asterism.

And the Big Dipper asterism can also be seen in ancient Chinese flags. A 1400s Chinese naval guidebook shows the use of asterism for navigation.

Of course, there are different stories, some say America was first discovered by the Viking people long before Christopher Columbus.

Are they true?
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Re: Who discovered North America ?

Postby Arminius » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:41 am

The first who discovered America were the Vikings under Leif Eriksson who lived from 970 to 1020. They discovered it around the year 1000.


Leif had one ship and a crew of 35, including himself. History records the group as containing 34 Vikings and 1 German. After leaving Greenland, they first happened upon an undiscovered island made of rock with ice mountains in the background. The second island they found contained flat white sand beaches and woodlands. Continuing westward, the third giant island they found may not have been an island at all. Many historians believe that Leif and his crew had just discovered the New England coast.

In 1473, an expedition under the command of the Germans Didrik Pining und Hans Pothorst with the Danish navigator Johannes Scolvus and the Portuguese João Vaz Corte-Real discovered America also before Christopher Columbus (1492).
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Re: Who discovered North America ?

Postby D3R7 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:43 am

Thnx for that Armininius. Knew the Vikings were first just light on the details. :icon-ugeek:
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Re: Who discovered North America ?

Postby Venture » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:15 am

Shortsighted and Eurocentric, where were you educated? The internet? The Aboriginal nomads were the first to discover North America around the time of the last ice age. Exact date and migratory waves is debated, but population movements and territorial discovery is consistent with the Archaeological data. I have included some supplementary reading I think you would benefit greatly from.

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