Trump building new ideology

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Trump building new ideology

Postby Meno_ » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:44 pm

Trumpism is the outcome of the difference developing between the concepts of Democracy and Capitalism. The evolution of democratic institutions in times of prosperity has its downside. This gives occasion to populist movements to grow, out of the disturbances of perceived social inequalities rising out of vested interests cloaking inherent 'rights'.

These rights are demure applications on a case by case basis, but again hidden by de-facto regional backlash.

As Capitalism is obeying at least one Marxian tenet, among others , it is that accumulation of personal wealth increases at a greater rate the economy can adjust to the differences. Add to that diminishing returns on investments, in spite of the Fed's manipulation, and even perhaps insider notice to smart money as to the expected effects of such regulation, the buy ins will most probably be shorted out for the duration of the expected/manipulated downturn.

Whether currency manipulation has a dynamic parallel and /or tie in with political and ideological change, is by all manifestations, it seems to be a credible hypothesis.

So autocratism can be seen as a result of political expediency tied to market manipulation.

That such a method of dealing with post modern economic and political reality is becoming almost transparent, brings on the necessity to insure that any unexpectedly strong backlash be avoided.

The ideological vacuum created by the fall of Communism, minus the waning days of Democracy, has given hope to any credible social form of governance: Autocratism through Neo-Fascism. There simply, is nothing else that possibly can work, and then the question arises whether it is a populist, who needs a capacity to build, and even instigate such a rule, or weather the character of the times needs and shapes such a man.

This development, accompanied by increased vigilance, with the use of highly evolved technical snooping apparatus, via the media, is the reason why the attack on the media has also pre emoted any strong social surprises. They have you coming, while they are already going from there, long anticipated.

The ideology building of anti democratic mechanisms are largely in place, and most grass root attempts to dislodge the vested interests from not merely letting the processes of Capitol Gain , but enhance and emboldened it, is also obvious.

Whether this will lead to building a greater America, or not, is not predictable, since the only precedent to it may be only a shadow, in the early days of Democratic principles.

The effects of violent change, can be paralleled only a few centuries ago, with the demise of the ancien regime in France, whereupon the old hereditary vestiges of power and property were substituted by the modern princes of those, benefitting from money markets, advantages from taking interest, and commercial activities leading to it.

That these are unproductive efforts need not be examined, since they have been beaten to death, only a parting shot will be sufficient, that the US is no longer a producer of goods, since such production has become overpriced in terms of labor-cost.

So to try to hope, that Trump, a supposedly great business man can force international corporations to seek labor that's more expensive, is still far to early a guess, my feeling is, that apwith the passage of time, whatever will not be forgotten from the campaign promises, will certainly be dealt with, with a simultenious rise in autocratic power, with the assistance of cronies, masked as ideologues. That this is an unstoppable train is without a doubt, but what is at the end of the tunnel-wreck or some real light, is masked in uncertainty.
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Re: Trump building new ideology

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:29 pm

I quibble with some of the details but in essence, you are correct....
the light at the end of the tunnel...... a train and it ain't going to be pretty
when it hits people are left with less and less options, they
shall turn to more protests which will be ignored and then rioting in
the streets and then, then full blown civil is not that far
away now.... a leader... that is all this puppy needs and it is game on...
Mark Cuban is more and more looking like someone who might take over
the mantel of leader.... the question becomes... is he willing to
make the sacrifices needed to become that leader... is he willing to
risk life and limb and all he owns for the better of the country....
If he thinks the cost is worth saving our country... then he is the man....
I don't see anyone else right now who can run with the big boys
and be a viable leader.....there just isn't anyone else... Al Gore,
maybe, but I think his day has come and gone.... I don't see anyone else...
McCain is too fucking old and senile.... someone on the right?
that would be a long walk off a short pier for whomever comes
from the right.....thinking about it... Maybe, a rather novel idea
might be Arnold... he was gov. of California and does have national
name value...he may become that guy... an immigrant who made it big....
that has value he willing to make the sacrifices? Arnold is
worth over 500 million dollars... he would be risking everything.....
does he believe enough in America to risk it all? he might...
it will be interesting to see who rises to the task....

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security
wind up with neither."
"Ben Franklin"
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Re: Trump building new ideology

Postby Meno_ » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:50 am

I am afraid that Arnold is out of the question because he was not born in the US. There was a big hoopla over passing a Constitutional Amendment to take out that requirement in the heyday of this governorship, but as his star fell , particularly caused by his falling out with his wife, a Kennedy, Eunice Shriver i beleive, - that idea quickly faded away.

No, Trump is a very formidable adversary at any rate, for the Democrats, and the latest bad news which bears out my prediction, that if all fails for Trump, with his back against the wall, he Will strike out. The latest item, perhapsmissed by some, is Tillerson!s public releSe, that in case of a geopolitical stalemate particularly with North Korea and Iran, this administration reserves the right of a first strike.

This is new, and his huge military buildup, planned way ahead before the Republican National Convention, shows inherent planning and intent to have a safety net, in order to guerentee a way out , in case his incredulous promises backfire.

For those reasons, it is safe to say, that his approach has been shrewdly calculated.

I believe that Trumpism is a salvage attempt to ensure the passage to the NWO, in a deceptive and roundabout way. That he is a puppet, of that there is no doubt, but it seems, he is the puppet, who is likely be pressed to unify those, whose facts are the result of most probable think tank simulations of geopolitical crisis and resolution.

Therefore the 2 choices of the forum therefore, as disparate at this time, will be resolved, with the co-operation of a US-Russia alliance.

If this is really the case, and a very strong reweaponized US is shown to be an essential requirement for world peace, then all the naysayers who have initial doubts about his reactionary claims, his very sanity, and the extreme agenda, may revise their estimation of his utility within the national and international stage.

The wager is too early to call, although he has become a big ticket item in Vegas in terms of the large amounts being bet on his failure or success.
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Re: Trump building new ideology

Postby above us only sky » Fri May 12, 2017 2:26 pm

Actually, Trump is a Mao Zedong-like figure. I have wrote a post on this:

Donald Trump and Mao Zedong are two very different people of very different backgrounds and eras, but after listening to Trump’s speech I think there are lots of commonalities between them: Here is a list of that those commonalities are and I can provide enough evidence to support my findings:

1. Strong Nationalism:
Donald Trump believes America used to be a great country, but it is now in deep trouble, and he is determined to end those “harmful treaties and deals” to “make America great again “once he enter s the office.
Mao Zedong believes China used to be a great country and in his writing the phrase “make China great again” is all over the pages. He immediately ended almost all “unequal treaties” after he came to power.

2. Xenophobia:
Donald Trump believes that America is under attacks from some foreign powers, and he is determined to build some walls to “protect America”. He considers Islam a threat to America and he wants to expel all Muslims and forbid them from entering America.
Mao Zedong believed that China was under attacks from many foreign powers; and once he came to power he forbid all Christians from entering China.

3. Class-war masters:
Donald Trump came to power by telling the ordinary folks that a “corrupt Washington power elite” causes all the troubles in America, and the “working people” should follow him to fight this “power elite”.
Mao Zedong came to power by telling the ordinary folks that a “corrupt ruling-class” causes all the troubles in China, and the “working class” should follow him to fight this “ruling-class”.

4. Military first:
Donald Trump is determined to spend multi-billion dollars to bolster the US military with the plan of reducing cost-of-living adjustments and trimming benefits despite the fact that America is in debts by trillions.
Mao Zedong spent a big chunk of China’s wealth to build a strong army despite of having millions of Soviet debts and food shortage.

5. Ideologues
Donald Trump attacks the political correctness of his enemy while at the same time he keeps his own political correctness intact. In this process, he is creating a brand-new ideology—Trumpism.
Mao Zedong attacked the political correctness of his enemy before and after he came to power, meanwhile he wrote several books to safeguard his own political correctness, and in this process, he created a brand-new ideology—Maoism。

6. “Womanizers”
A record of Donald Trump was leaked showing that he has had intimate relationships with several women.
In a book by Mao Zedong’s personal physician, Mao also had intimate relationships with several women.
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