Man and woman explained.

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Man and woman explained.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:10 pm

It's all in the symbols. It was known to the ancients for a thousand years.


Male is pointing forward. Moving forward. Must be doing, moving always.

Man is combat soldier, a shocktrooper.
Feminists hate all males due to a fallacy. The fallacy is mistaking that all males are evil, when not all males are evil. Good soldiers (nobles and rebels) fight evil soldiers (chinese and abrahamic religious people). Both are pointing forward like combat soldiers of a top-down 2d game.

Woman is a cross. She sits in her archetecture, isn't sure where to go...indecisive, has multiple options. She builds her archetecture more and more ornate.

The woman is combat soldier, a gaurd, patrolling indoors on a set path in a top-down game. Her symbol is like a key and necklace, a symbol of the ornate and symbol of her secretive nature.

The female is like a squadron of bosses that protect the main cause, the gunships in starfox that float infront of you and fly in front of you protecting the mothership. Females can either supply and support evil men or good men. Since 99% of the population are evil meat-eaters, 99% of females are by definition evil.
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