I have a plan that will stop racism dead it's tracks.

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I have a plan that will stop racism dead it's tracks.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:02 pm

Not all mongrels are evil, I myself am a Mongrel am not evil. One time there was this mixed chick, had a crush on her at school, we could mentally and genetically relate to each other, being mongrels and all. She dated my mixed friend, who was also a mongrel, but dumped him after a month. He got her to suck him off, but she never gave him the true love and romance he wanted. I don't believe heterosexual sodomy, I believe for true love the penis needs to go in the vag. Homos have no choice in the matter, have to sodomy, but heteros should not sodomy because sodomy because it is fake and not true love.

Anyway, to get to the point of the story, she wouldn't date me, told me some bullshit about unrequited love, then she dated this white dude for his money, she got sick and tired of him, and murdered him when she couldn't stand him anymore. This white dude, everyone liked him, a stand up member of the community and helped kids, and she poisoned him to death, couldn't even kill him proper with a sword. I cannot prove it in court so I never bothered telling the police, but deep down I know she did it and my friend knows she did it too. My point of bringing this up is I know its understandable why people fear the mongrelization of society, I mean I myself have had zero luck dating mixed chicks, had more luck dating black chicks, white chicks, and ethnic chicks. Mixed chicks are no good to me either. And lets face the facts, I don't mean any disrespect to the guy in the new Lethal Weapon, he is probably a cool guy in real life, but come on, how can you replace a thouroughbred like Mel Gibson?

As for me, myself, I feel like I am my own race, if anything, Japanese, but a bit Turkish and Middle Eastern too. I don't have the characteristics of typical mixed race people, I think I am a genetic mutation who formed my own race. So if I was cast in a movie, it wouldn't have that lame modernized feel, but be a legit classic.
Far as racism goes, racists deep down know shitlibs are winning the battle, shitlibs are the biggest fascists of all time and deep down racists know they can't stop them. But I propose a solution which will stop the racists deep down dead in their tracks. That solution is the DNA machine. With the DNA machine, racists won't have to fear the mongrelization of society wiping out their race and making their culture go extinct. With the DNA machine, the genetics of the races will be recorded, and with the press of the button we can become a beautiful Aryan Princess. Thus the threat of race extinction will be nullified. With the threat gone, and with racists no longer fearing their race becoming extinct, the racism will kind of simmer down.

The second solution is, the reincarnation equation. If we can find out the true map of the afterlife, if racists no longer believe that their soul will ever again enter Earth space, then they will no longer care so much about the falling Earth civilization. However if the reincarnation equation finds out that reincarnation on Earth is what will happen, then racism will increase, so it's 50/50.

In any case, the serum of genius is the next logical step, because civilized rational debate is the way of civilized Britons of society, and we will need the serum to think clearly and to build the dna machine. The serum of genius will make racists less angry, because at least they will know the intelligence of whites will not be lost because even if whites lose their genes, at least they will still have intelligence in civilization preserved.
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