The scots are the most superior race on planet Earth.

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The scots are the most superior race on planet Earth.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:10 pm

The Scots are even superior to the Japanese, who take school and work too seriously.

The Scots for freedom against the English empire, the scots are the true agents of Freedom in society. I am an agent of freedom, recognizing the tyranny of the internet, mainly, the tyranny of the shitlibs.

We must stop the shitlibs from taking over society and restore freedom to the Internet. We have been infected with a global disease of tyranny and freedom suppression on the internet. What is seperating us from the savage Chinese? We must begin acting like civilized Britons, Scots, active agents of freedom and civilization. We must not become the prime evil, the savage and corrupt Chinese. We must stop the war against freespeech on the internet before we are all cuckolded. It is disrupting the very cogs of civilization and I will explain why in my next thread.

Mel Gibson is a true hero, playing the patriot, braveheart, and various men of nobility, honor, and freedom, just like any true scotsman would.

I myself am a Scottish, and thus I am more noble and honorable than anybody else.
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