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Zeitgeist - a couple things.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:21 am
by Gaiaguerrilla
1: Good.

2: Communist. Admit it.

3: Would the RFID chip not be part of a global resource tracking system? Would that not be science of accurate measurement?

4: Would the transition from our point of reference to the ideal point of reference be so peaceful? Would this movement never be militarized? Would this realistically be the first ever national change in recorded history that did not accompany a violent war or revolt? Does war and revolt never have a worthy cause?

5: If Waco was successful, would they have employed the likes of the Venus project?

6: Does the ideal *have* to look pristine? Are we not willing to face as human beings that a life of drudgery and confinement, at least for a few generations, ought to be a fair price for saving our once human-doomed world?

7: Did any other movement in history come any closer to a realistic model for the world to survive? What economic models ever factored in the survival of the planet ever?

Pick whatever item you like.