National Libertarian Socialism

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National Libertarian Socialism

Postby Antithesis » Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:58 pm

I think every village, town and city should take itself over.

What do I mean by take itself over?

First, I mean every townsmen should arm himself to the teeth.

Second, the townsmen should conspire to force the police to either relinquish their authority, or leave town, or in other words, abolish the police.

Imagine if every town made every one of its own laws democratically and enforced them individually. Imagine if every town had a constitution detailing how the democratic process should be conducted, its procedures. For example, say a town made it illegal to drive faster than 20 kilometers an hour. It would be up to the townsmen to enforce that law themselves, so if one townsmen catches another transgressing the speed limit, or a foreigner transgressing the speed limit, he would have the arms, the authority and the equipment to pull him over and make a citizens arrest if need be, throwing him the town jail, or issue a fine, or a flogging, and the other townsmen could assist him if need be.

So basically what I'm talking about is not strictly anarchy, but democratic militias governing themselves, as opposed to what we have now, which are these enormous, largely unaccountable entities, totally out of touch with the people they mean to govern, or enslave. Each town could have its own currency, or they could link their currencies with other towns. Fuck they could use seashells for money instead of paper or plastic, whatever that town decides, or they could outlaw money altogether, permitting only barter, the possibilities are limitless.

Naturally, each town would put its wellbeing and welfare first, but various alliances are could potentially form. There may even be wars between them, but I think war will be less likely on the whole, because usually it's the only bureaucrats who want war, since it's rarely their children fighting in it. This is man's natural system, this is what every man naturally wants. The only reason we don't have this system at present, is because we've been duped by religions into believing slavery is necessary or virtuous, or that politicians are good and we're evil. Religions, such as the Abrahamic religions, have been brainwashing us for thousands of years into believing God is good and we're shit, and that God is synonymous with government or in control of it. Even Hinduism has their own variant of this - the elites are less bound by karma, or some fuck.

While I believe human beings are shit, in that we're primarily selfish, which is nothing to be ashamed of, I also believe God doesn't exist and authority figures are also selfish, so why the fuck would selfish individuals give all or most of their power to other selfish individuals? Either there should be a more egalitarian form of order, like I've presented here, or there should be no order at all. If any hierarchies form, like townsmen from one town taking over townsmen from another town, or hierarchies forming in the towns themselves, they should be natural, based on superior strength, power and cunning, rather than based on lies and deceit, propping up weaklings with funny hats, just because X religion or Y erroneous philosophy says they're divinely sanctioned or a necessary evil, or whatever. So I'm here to restore the natural order, which normally abhors vaccumes, but has been duped into believing some empty spaces are full.

The empty spaces are the fact that each one of us could increase our wealth and power ten fold by killing the police or running them out of town. The police have no power, nor do the bureaucrats/capitalists, except the power we've given them, we're complicit in our own slavery and servitude.

I say it's time we begin taking it back.

The middle class, especially the urban middle class, will never understand until its too late, so there's no point in convincing them, but the poor, the ones who lost their homes and apartments, or who never owned anything, who can see the gap between rich and poor increasing and government increasingly catering to one class at the expense of all the others, will hear my words, so long as they're not cowardly and the weak. My message is not for all. It's a war out there. It's not necessary to convince everyone, some people are natural born slaves, mentally or spiritually, consequently there's little or no point in wasting precious time and energy on them. This isn't a utopian proposal, on the contrary, it's a very pragmatic, millions of cowards and imbeciles (if they stand in our way) will have to die so some courageous and intelligent people can live free.

We are destroying nature, because capitalism has duped us into believing we can work ourselves out of poverity, when the truth of the matter is - the more you're working, the more of a slave you are, the more you consume and produce useless garbage, the more you're propping up a tiny elite at your expense.

Capitalism, Keynesianism and psuedodemocracy are the worst forms of slavery known to man, because at least in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, the people knew they weren't free, where as this believing we're free when we're not, has produced this grotesque, mutant form of run away slavery, where we believe its selfish and smart to suck corporate dick 40+ hours a week.

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