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American Economics

Postby wendy52 » Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:57 am

There have been many discussions and philosophical argument inquiring about the morality of the American Institute and its Trust in God sanctions that demonstrated to deny this institution and place it in the trust of greed, immoral decisions and secret orders involving the wealthy and elite such as the Brotherhood of the Skull and Bones. This emblem itself is not a holy emblem via its status symbolism, but one of dishonesty and evil intent. ... lbones.htm

If I Love Philosophy believes in the "love of God", as the brothers who sought a purpose to uphold the Laws of God, which applied to the sanction for trusting in God then I think this topic is a needed discussed virtue, as philosophy has always regarded the morality of the spirits purpose denying the occult practices.

This applies as a moral institution allowing for all of the freedoms that had been denied the human race throughout its history. It seems that the American governing has long forgot this purpose and due to mis-management have pursued an economic situation that involved scientific illegal experimentation under occult directives. ... -s-economy

As Philosophy has always involved society, governing, economics, religious ideals, it has always also involved money making schemes and these incidences have always applied to wisdom and its gain as a value. New ideas have always been sought as a means to gain new inventions and these ideas have also involved real and true acts of evil. The Wisdom of Philosophy was not only an application for a governing technique applying morality, for wisdom also involved acts of indecency and immorality, as choices made in secret by the governing brothers who held the highest religious powers and this is the elite. Researching the elite's morality provides the evidence of the many secret orders and brotherhoods they have involved themselves with that have never followed the morality or principles of "trusting in God" or the applications of decency involved in Trust in God.

This is the position America now faces in today's social standards.....what would you do as a Government affected by greed and what would a human being choose as a result of this greed that would remove the ideal of the American Institution? Breaking the Laws of God.

As God is not only moral principles, but creative principles, the applications sought by the elite have proven to involve astronomical data and also scientific research, as the ancient alchemist to the current day NASA occult Scientist.

Where would we begin to discuss this situation, other than the evidence that NASA involved occult practices as studies, and these practices were taught to have evil intent, against the Laws of God. This involved the creation of stone, why the literature of the holy involved the PHILOSOPHY OF THE STONE, and why it listed the illegal practices of the occult. ... 1932595260

Werner von Braun, the founder of America’s NASA space program, was a Nazi scientist who had advanced technology on rocketry and mind control. During Operation Paperclip, when America, in competition with Russia over Nazi scientists after World War II, smuggled in over 4,000 scientists. These scientists brought with them their occult practices and beliefs, along with the science of mind control. The (largely self-taught) American rocket scientist Jack Parsons, who lived and worked in Pasadena, California, was called “the father of American rocketry” by Werner von Braun. Jack Parsons, a Satanist, was active in the Order of the Temple of the Orient (OTO), whose leader at that time was Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley was a famous Satanist who called himself “The Beast 666.” Allegedly, Crowley had deep connections to German, British and European secret occult scientists and had one of his agents influencing Adolph Hitler.
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