Humanity as we know it

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Humanity as we know it

Postby nshannon » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:55 am

Humanity is not as we appear to ourselves and this must gain attention if we desire the truth. All Earthen beings have underwent a long and undeniable system to achieve what we call life. Everything in this universe seems to follow similar systems that are somehow intimately linked to reality as we know it. No matter how big or small, from atoms to planets to galaxies, the same principles and systems are at work. Wether the science be called quantum physics, chemistry, or biology, they all remain crucial pieces of this one great puzzle. Our ability to perceive, understand, and impact these systems imply to me that we are supposed to able to do just that, and there is no doubt others somewhere with an equal or greater ability to perceive, understand, and interact with reality.

The animals of our planet are currently a great success to this Solar System, with us "Humans" just recently emerging from four different intelligent primate species interbreeding to create this marvel of evolution. Though we have done well to make it to an informational era of such growth, humans have barely begun to leave our mark. People make the mistake that our evolution is over, but to the contrary, we are just now entering an age that will test us to the point of inevitable extinction unless we adapt and evolve. To survive in a time where technology can destroy every living thing instantly, we as a planet must learn self control and respect. We must never grow complacent in our evolution as a species, because it is truly limitless. We MUST think of Earth as a single person, and all other inhabited planets in the universe as the other people. If someone wants to do well in life and exceed their, it will take a lot of hard work. Similarly, if we want our Earth to succeed in this universe, we have to get down to business. We cannot wait for the confirmation of alien life to start competing in this race or we will be at an overwhelming disadvantage. Though our science is excelling, our social, emotional, and spiritual intelligence is embarrassingly low.

The behavior of atoms and molecular structures follow a design, cell's grow and replicate, suns get old and die, the universe expands. I am not a religious person, but to deny a design is a mistake. Though in my humble opinion, believing this design was made by your god is unnecessary. More likely this universe is a "living thing" of its own, following models similar to what we see from within it. I think spirituality, based around our inability to comprehend our own conscience, is working under bad pre-tensing. I do not pretend to have knowledge on what conscienc-ness really is, I only suggest we continue our evolution until an answer presents itself (perhaps upon meeting alien life). One could say that conscience ness is a by product of many physical conditions holding together for a short period of time, but rather than it all be a miraculous coincidence I like to assume it is another scientific model of reality we have yet to detect. All humans are one being, and our evolutions our growth. We must cling stead fast to a perspective that will allow us to mature to "adulthood". Spiritualist may be right in way, that at "adulthood" we may undergo some kind of conscience ascension. Though I can't truly begin to imagine the what the real end game is, I know what we must do to get there. Humans are like tad poles that have been growing legs in a puddle, climbed up onto a rock, and are just about jump to the next stone. For the remainder of our existence on this planet, in this galaxy, and in this universe, we as a people must keep the faith and focus required to be more.
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