Conflict with Social Groups And the Individual

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Conflict with Social Groups And the Individual

Postby xhightension » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:30 pm

Sensationalism in the media and film. Atrocities happen everyday, and we see them on the news, social media, and film. The herd, the masses consume these sensations like food for the tragic part of their individual lives'. Radical feminism use sensationalism to force empathy to polarize the crowd to choose sides; Racist politics use sensationalism to force empathy upon the moderate-liberal view; Gender-identity politics is gaining steam in the background trying to reach the forefront of our minds to side with the new snowflake generation to be ultra-sensitive or to be polarized as dated, narrow-minded relics stuck in the past.
There's a tug of war at stake and I'm here sitting at my computer attempting a conscious thought of compassion. Where are thou, compassionate people? Forced empathy upon us is compassionate on a hyperbolic scale, as seen on Facebook or the news, but garners a war separating tribes. My TRIBE IS BETTER THAN YOURS. NO IT ISN'T TRIBE IS BETTER - this is the over-arching circle, the idea of making the world a better place. Fucking animals.

Rational-compassionate comes to mind. Character building from from individualism - separated from tribalism - but in small groups of interrelated individualism.

Deconstruction of the system would be too violent to reset the system. I believe the game can be curtailed by means of consciousness. Individual level - through a web of thought, like rhizomatic roots, gaining steam from the ground-up.
Top-down authority gives you impunitive-ill advised priests who sustain themselves' through the essence of its hierarchy.
I'm not trying to be smart. I'm boiling inside with a big picture mind.
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