repurposed words

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repurposed words

Postby Innovice » Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:38 pm

Does anyone here have any practical or religious uses of a repurposed word?

I will share one with you

I have repurposed the word "it" to mean "fear". For me this is a deeply religious thing - Not as much practical, however, very often I have found that treating the word "it" to actually mean the word "fear" can be viewed as true

I've additionally repurposed the word "it" to mean "an intention". Another deeply spiritual use of repurposing a word

When hearing the word "it" in conversation, I usually first attribute "it" as intended by the speaker.. however sometimes I repeat the thought to myself with the word "it" replaced as the words "fear" or "an intention".. in that order

Its difficult to explain why I do this
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