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Postby Sanguinus » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:29 am

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Re: G'caesar

Postby Jakob » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:49 pm

"Caesar was born and raised in a time when the city of Rome found itself in turbulence and the threat of decline. A number of markedly barbaric events and leaderships made a mark on young Gaius and there can be little doubt that he knew very early on what his will was made of.

The early Caesars life is a fascinating Odyssey of extraordinary adventures, a life that honed his ruthlessness and his wit, that shaped his capacities for the task he was later on to assume. Fittingly in contrast to the aches of the young mans heart, this task, in which no frivolity had a place, was only given to him at the age when the masculine intellect is fully matured. It was given to him after he had shed his hearts burden at a statue of Alexander, that man of which it is not even sensible to speak rationally, as he was truly 'descendent of Gods'; possessed by Dionysos and fulfilling a Homeric fate. Caesar came to fulfill a fate that would be the beginning of what we, as Europeans, westerners, call “Politics”. Our politics are not to do with the Polis, they are not an assembly of aristocrats, ruling over farmers, craftsmen and slaves, they are tyranny from above on a mammoth scale, aided by a system of institutions so complex that it is virtually impossible to make sense of what goes on in the whole at any given time. It was not Caesar who invented the institutions, and it were the institutions that killed Caesar, and it was his line that subjected these institutions in turn; what Caesar caused into being was the scale on which politics was henceforth to be conducted and therewith he attributed the institutions their proper role, as a filter, as it were, between the tyrannical will of the few (not at all necessarily the best), and the populace; as it were a cerebral membrane between the body and the minds eye.

But the crater, at first sight and on the whole, betrays little of the fiery apparition of the meteor that alights the skies for hat brief moment. Only if we inspect the surface of that scar do we discern some of splendours that betray the nature of the force that made the wound; fragmented gems, from which we may derive a little knowledge and a little wonder, sufficient to set us on a path to discovery, a path that very well may never lead to anything besides ourselves, but that even in this capacity may come to signify something of a comets tail, bring about a dance of stars in our souls in which we may at least feel justified in thinking about Rome, and Gaius Iulius Caesar, the father of our time."

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