order, and the word order

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order, and the word order

Postby Innovice » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:27 am

I am interested in individual's approaches to order


Given a linear time, how does approach order?

I think that there are specific things that occurred before other things. For instance, i am of the mindset that "people traded bananas for sex" is something that occurred before "the book of Genesis was written". I tend to want to defer to an older order when doing so benefits me. Sometimes I defer to a newer order when it benefits me, e.g.. "Its okay to use a condom".

There are orders that happened first with respect to time, and orders that happened first with respect to my experience. When presented with a situation where order is the answer - to which order should I defer? Sometimes I think "Well the order I learned things was ____" so lets defer to this understanding. Other times I think "Well this event occurred prior to the other events, we should give reverence to this order".

Additionally, there are other uses of the word "Order"...as it applies to object arrangement "This table setting is in good order"... or perhaps the idea of a command "You are ordered to do this". or even "I ordered a steak at a restaurant".

I read the bible and get hungup on the third word. "In the beginning..." and I think.... "Which beginning?". I don't believe for a second that I am the first person to have wanted to take Genesis 1 metaphorically.
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