My Total Super-Post

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My Total Super-Post

Postby Ecmandu » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:24 am

They say necessity is the mother of all invention.

This, this, what we have here, is rotten at the core, it is wicked.

To be born in a universe that you didn't create yourself, filled with non-philosophic zombies…

It's cruel and unusual, cruel, cruel…

Some say, we have a purpose, the plan of the creator… this is absurd.

If there is a plan, a divine perfection, then we can watch a philosophic zombie copy of it from our own philosophic zombie universe, and make our own decisions of the merit of this experience that we are supposed to thank.

Technology will never solve this problem. The strength and force of truth and life, will crush this horror. They say don't try the impossible. If nobody tries, it will never manifest, life wasted.

I see people in this world, holding fast to their imagined character witnesses, their house, their wisdom, their skill, their friends, their lovers, their jobs, their oxytocin from making a ringer in game of horseshoes, sending depressive chemicals to the loser… and they look around the world, totally oblivious, that by winning, they have lost. What is a gift if someone else wants it but cannot have it? It is garbage. Am I worth my creature comforts? Probably not, because I'm a perfectionist, and this isn't perfect… I try with all my power to deserve what little I have, my belongings, my intellect, that someday, we can all have whatever we want, without lacking for what someone else has, should we ever so choose. It is necessity. And necessity is the mother of all invention.

That, is life. Resurrection is easy, eternal life, maybe even reincarnation… making it meaningful, is true life.

There is no heaven unless we all build our own, and nobody rests in heaven when others are left behind… I pity those who join anothers' heaven. Everything you want forever, without hurting anyone, yourself included, unless anyone actually wants that hurt for themselves in their own philosophic zombie universe, just don't bother me with it.

We need to perform a hyper-task, in a dimension of infinite creativity animating our spirit from collective consciousness, and unfold flawless eternity, always being alone, and always being together through our co-creation of each others philosophic zombie universes. The delights to be had are endless, I can see the structures, the beauty.

This, this world, this life, this, is pointless; great ingredients… impossible to make a good recipe, unless you add something to the entire universe. And that is my total super-post. That is necessity. And necessity is the mother of all invention.
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