my problem with the golden rule

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my problem with the golden rule

Postby Innovice » Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:20 am

it doesn't get me laid

I learned it. understood it. followed it. subscribed to it.

Learned it innocently. "treat others as you want to be treated".

It did not work.

where does it end? assume a desire of sex. How is my equal treatment going to get me laid? (i'd switch this question sexually from a female perspective, if I could).

I'd like to believe that people are better off with the golden rule than without it. This comes from a thought that most people are ignorant (the intelligent ILP audience _knows_ better.... ....? yeah probably not).

Rather than learning this rule.. towards the intelligent, I suggest learning an alternative sexually helpful rule. this one does not work.

I pray to God to give me back my 20s (and prior, frankly). A decade where sexuality is assumed, encouraged. A decade where, I for one, did not get nearly as much sex as I should have (in comparison to say, my parents, who had a better measure of their fair share in both their teens and 20's, prior to their marriage/my birth).

What was I given? ( It would be disrespectful to not mention)...

-As seen on TV
-Less than ideal physical stature
-Good reasoning
-A vicarious understanding of intention, and a poor desire for patience

I think everyone wants this (the golden rule) as far as survival is concerned. Get sex in the mixture - IT SEEMINGLY DOES NOT APPLY. I MEAN AT ALL. NOT AT ALL.

I question where the words ("golden rule") came from (not in the bible - e.g. matthew 7:12). Who wanted to associate this with 'gold' .. e.g. money?

Money doesn't help. Its a lie as far as genuinity is concerned

I have heard that rules are meant to be broken

I'd say this one, necessarily, is broken by hypocrisy. all the time. yes. all the time.

It's well intentioned

But broken

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