a name change

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a name change

Postby Innovice » Mon May 29, 2017 7:17 am

Not a new thing

I have been given a name and a surname

Some people, I believe (based on not much), have questioned the idea, or perhaps the necessity of a name (I've heired on the practicality of using a word to identify a person)


I'd like to take a step back, and credit the idea of switching my name (similarly, my handle on this website)

this is not a decision I would take lightly, and to be as frank as I can at these points in time (yes, I write posts out of order, at times, and in a way, I think), I don't have any ideas leading in terms of a replacement.

my thoughts on the idea are that, i have grown accustomed to my name... i've 'grown into' my name.

-I am concerned that a name change would have to be 'grown into'.
-I question, or perhaps, wonder... how I (we) would adapt to a new name
-I question how others have used my name as a tool, particularly from the perspective of (a stranger, an aquaintance, a name on a page).
-I wonder at "how unique a name". Many people choose religious or cultural names. Others family names. Others may lean towards a more unique name (still perhaps from divine inspiration). Others well... 'as seen on TV' I think 'has beencoming?' (as opposed to 'is becoming')... an increasingly common name choice.

I'm interested in the people's opinions on these matters... particularly from the perspectives of practicality and purpose. (Can one consider practicality with this decision? Can one consider purpose with this decision? Desire? Sacrifice?)

I think of the name "Jesus'.

https://www.quora.com/If-the-letter-J-w ... -years-ago

I didn't want to end this idea here. However, I'd like to keep in mind the changing nature of this name, as both a fallback and an inspiration.

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