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Postby promethean75 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:05 pm

watched 'brothers' recently. good movie, good cast. had an especially good element of the tragic going on in the background there.

there's nothing spectacular about the storyline of a guy going off to war and presumed to be dead by a wife (portman) who then begins an affair with the guy's brother. we'd expect that. the loss was overwhelming, she's very alone and in need of companionship and intimacy. it's not like she was cheating because the official report was that he got killed. so far so good.

but then there's this twist. while taken prisoner in afganistan, toby is forced to either kill his fellow soldier who was captured with him, or be killed himself. he chooses the former... especially because he doesn't want his wife and daughters to lose him (obviously). but then when he gets back to the states, he finds out that jake is having an affair with his wife.

here are the impossibly entangled existential dilemmas he's caught up in. first, he's both angered by the affair, but understanding of it... because the wife really thought he was dead. but then in being so shaken by this and unable to come to terms with it, he realizes that killing the soldier was in vain... since, technically, the family situation back home is no longer what it was. i mean that was the whole reason he killed the guy, right? so now he's like 'fuuuuuck!' in addition to this, he hasn't told anyone he killed the guy because like how awkward would that be? toby is literally seething over with regret and despair and at one point freaks the fuck out, trashes the kitchen (which jake remodeled for the wife), and almost has a shoot-out with the POleece. really good shit. only at the very end when he's finally resolved to accept the rationality of the situation - that neither the wife nor jake meant to betray him - does he calm down and tell the wife that he killed the guy back in afganistan. but by then he's been put in a mental institution (after the freak-out incident), and the movie ends. not a great ending, but it worked i guess.

but think about that, man. that retroactive remorse for deciding to do something tremendous that ends up being in vain. ain't that a bitch.

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