The weakness of the cuck

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The weakness of the cuck

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:00 pm

Song I made:

I wont be compelled by the weakness of the cuck.
Too many cucks who dont give fucks.

They try to hold me and tell me its okay
They wont give my sympathy on any day

They say that they are happy to die
That the world doesnt have to be a big pizza pie

I say, hey, I am the noble knight of the internet...
The ruler of this pathetic land...

I owe whats due whats rightfully mine
I wont be content with this life of mine

I want fulfilled my natural desire
Not be shamed for being carefree and wild

So hey, grow a pair you stinking cuck...
Dont you see, there's still people who need to fuck

Im not like you, not a nun who works from monday to sun
If I die alone at least I died me
Not someone who treats life is a big factory

Where it doesnt really matter, if you fuck
And it doesnt really matter, cuz you're just a cuck
And it doesnt really matter, cuz who gives a buck
This world can be fucking hell
This world can be fucking hell
And dont you dare tell me not to yell...

Cuz I'm a rock star
I'm a rock star,
and you're just a rock
A dead little rock sitting like a lump
A dead little cuck sitting on a dump

Had enough of your cup of false spirituality
Had enough of your lies they taste just like candy
I want what I want and im not apologizin'
Im not gonna be shut up by a weak little cuck
Not gonna smile if I'm want to die with my rage
Not gonna rage if I want to die with smile
And the world you talk of is just made with people
People who you seem to think arent really people
Like some horde of monsters at the local county fair
Whats the fun of living if they can't treat me fair
No im not gonna die like a stupid little cu-ck
Listening to modernity shit on the radio
Trashing old tunes like a fatman on the favio
No brains in my head like a chicken on the stereo
Dont even know whats 2+2=4-rio
Driving down the road in a short little mini car
Rocking yolo font like we just dont car-io
Dont say no jokes cuz its just to far-io
We have to keep it super serio, super serio
Watch what what we say just we just bettero
And thats the weakness of the cuck
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