Was trans-parent made by a nazi troll?

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Was trans-parent made by a nazi troll?

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:46 pm

Okay so the TV show called "transparent" is about a transsexual parent highlighting social issues and struggles that trans people and lgbt's have to go through. That is the cover-story. But something tells you there is something deeper under the surface, that they are hiding between their legs.

I was half watching TV with my friend, and I hear this deep voice. There's a lot of talk about money and "the family". Sounds like a gangster movie. I expect to see this male gangster like Al Pacino or something, instead what I get is a tranny. I'm like what? This tranny has a deeper voice than the Joker and sounds way less effiminate. And I realize the show I'm watching is transparent.

So I'm watching the show with my friends, and it's basically a show that's about nothing but sex. And it feels like it was made by a troll in the way it's made. All the characters are jews. All of them. And they all act like a dysfunctional rich family and stereotypical obnoxious jews. It's like how in Rugrats everybody's a jew. Like on the surface your'e supposed to believe the show is pro-jew, when its actually making fun of jews.

So im watching and watching, and the show is just so damn empty. Everything in the show is about either sex, or their dysfunctional family. Like when you watch the show it's like looking at a bunch of hipsters looking at a black hole. Like it litterally feels like the show is sucking out your soul like looking inside a black hole. Everyone is just a total hipster in the show. And the show makes fun of itself, like one of the characters says she wants to move to Israel because she needs more bloodshed in her life, because she is just so sick so sick of the nothingness. And that is litterally just the show, a exploration of nothingness, like that 8 hour film about the Empire State Building by Andy Worhol.

This show actually reduced my drive to transition as a transsexual. It just makes the trans lifestyle look so vapid and boring. Honestly it makes me want to just slit my goddamn throat. I feel like this show was made by a nazi just to troll us.
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