walker texas ranger episode 7

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walker texas ranger episode 7

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:44 pm

walker texas ranger episode 7 - Sheila gets raped! Sheila gets raped by a 90 IQ, mentally retarded man. How does it feel? Must feel pretty darn not good to be Sheila. Here we have Sheila, as a young child she had dreams of being a hot shot lawyer hotshot, but now, she can't come to terms with her feelings about a 90 IQ mentally retarded man. Just. can't. get. him. out. of. her. head. Now she is equal to the status of a 90 IQ mentally retarded man...So sad...

Judge says...What should the punishment be for these crimes? Trixie busts open the door, yelling and raising her arms about all through the courtroom. "Rape this man with 100 hyenas, Rape this man with 1000 hyenas, RAPE THIS MAN FOR A THOUSAND YEARS WITH A THOUSAND HYENAS!!!!!!" God, it sure does feel good to get a man raped.
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