Boom - An unlikely foe

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Boom - An unlikely foe

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:03 pm

BOOM a 3d game

Our hero, in the game, reaches a turning point. He finds himself holding a gun to Anita Sarkeesian and John Carmack. At that point in the game, he has the power of future sight, he is a god. He was hired to track down Anita Sarkeesian, to save the future. But Anita says to the shadowed must kill John Carmack.

John Carmack, his childhood idol...must be killed? Suddenly a flashback of future events, and the hellish future of base animal instincts that lurks if John Carmack is alive. Anita shows her future, full of bright plants and roses, and lesbians making out everywhere everywhere. Then, the flashback to hell occurs again. Suddenly, a trigger is pulled. The gun echoes and reverberates throughout the lungs of all in the room. *Thud*. John Carmack's lifeless body falls to the floor.

Dramatic choir music plays, as the camera zooms into to the enigmatic characters eyes. Tears drip down his shadowed, and manly yet feminine cheeks. "The gun, shot itself...the gun, shot itself"...The camera has a delayed alpha frame buffer afterimage effect and everything becomes bright like white, before it fades to black.

Finding an unlikely ally, he teams up with Anita Sarkeesian, in the wake of John's death. At the end, they part ways, as Gary Oak parts ways with ash ketchum, as the Master Chief parts ways with the arbiter himself, as the kid parts ways with the bully from highschool. Unlikely allies from unlikely rivals. In the next episode, they will surely conclude their differences in an epic duel... It is truly, a strange turn of events...
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