Sonata Dusk secret Genius?

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Sonata Dusk secret Genius?

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:22 pm

The Dazzle's follow the Stooge archetype...the trio consisting of Moe Howard Larry and Curly. Adiago is bossy and Moe like, Aria is the middle man and Sonata is the Stooge.

Sonata Dusk seems to have high cravings for food, but is very skinny. Her face shape is oval, and she is an ectomorph body type. Her high metabolism indicates ectomorph physique.

Ectomorphs tend to be absent minded. An example is the absent minded professor. Some of them have an inability to focus on their immediate surroundings. I have encountered some in real life who have slurred speech or speech oddities such as stumbling over words, sentences, and mumbling.
She is the fool archetype, but is probably because of her large brain, with many sectors of it hibernating to keep cool.

I was the same was a kid, I went to a school full of rich kids and intellectuals. I don't know if I was the smartest one there but the teachers said I was gifted. I was always obsessed with eating though, I was kind of a laughing stock, like Sonata Dusk and people blamed me for making booby mistakes and such. Benjamin Franklin was also said to have been "booby".

Adagio is also a genius, however she is more masculine and her head is focused on the real, and the mission objectives. It irritates her that Aria and Sonata do not place the mission in as high importance as her. Aria is the most balanced of the trio and has the coolest demeanor.

Sad as it is, these characters were nowhere to be found in the third movie.
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