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*Liason needed.*

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:57 pm

Okay so i got banned from the genius boards but i got some cool ideas for the wisest movie ever made. So i need someone to go tell this to them.

Somewhere in the movie there needs to be a scene called "The Talk" where a bunch of female apes, dressed nicely in suits and dresses, talk about how pretty they are, and babble on stage about stupid shit, like schoolteachers in Iraq and like, such as. The crowd should be exponentially more retarded, screaming and putting their hands in the air like sandpeople, always clapping, cheering and interrupting the apes over every little comment. Eventually they become so annoying that it disrupts into chaos. Just thought that scene should be in there.

the theme of the movie should be aliens vs. jews. vs. men, and men vs. women, and humans vs. nature. there are political motives, false alliances and battles on all fronts.
One of the villians should be a gigantic tranny, and then steps on one of the tranny jews with its foot. Tranny jew was its ex girlfriend, who was a feminist. As its body lays crushed, a tear drops down from the giant trannies eye, crushing it. the giant tranny villian begins to smile, as it is crying.

this is going to be profound, im telling you.

this movie needs to be made, we need kevin solway to be in the actual movie as an actor. this needs to be a world wide movie production, not no home video nonsense. The geezers at Genius are getting old and dont exercise, so this movie needs to be made before they kick the bucket.

This movie should not be masterbatory, it should be made to convert children to our side, but also profound and watchable to adults.
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