My Little Pony is a philosophical commentary.

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My Little Pony is a philosophical commentary.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:24 pm

It takes place in an amish village. The show has subtle innuendos that you arent supposed to notice, clockwork orange references, star wars references, lesbian references, joker/batman/comic book references, etc. It is a social commentary promoting paganism, and mocking city living. In the first episode where rarity goes into manehattan, she is betrayed in 5 minutes by one of the people there.

But the mane reason is their use of names. They call her "Rainbow Dash". This is absurd, to reference someone by their first and last name. But it is the norm there. This is why it is more or less a philosophical commentary. You don't see people caught up into the day to day, as referring to their friends in their first name only. This indicates that characters in the show are more or less self aware and 4th wall breaking, or their society is less grounded in norms, as everyone their has their own style and different colored skin. An episode 92 was made to point this out, mocking cultural marxism and social justice warriors. Calling her "Rainbow Dash" is something we would do on an internet boards, like calling him "Magnus Anderson" rather than just Magnus.

The question is, do you live the dream in real life? Or are you only open on philosophy boards? If I met you in real life, would you blend in like an ordinary average person, suddenly collapsing and becoming normal when away from your computer around your friends? Or are you a real, living breathing philosopher, livin the dream?

Oddly enough, Rainbow Dash is often said to be the most masculine character of the bunch, though really she is the most stupid, and metaphorically feminine character of the mane 6.
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