Games Played, Enjoyed And Completed

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Games Played, Enjoyed And Completed

Postby Jakob » Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:40 am

With me they're mainly NES en SNES games. I'll list a few of the ones I enjoyed more than several times.
this was one of the best suprises. The gameplay is phenomenal even though it looks chunky as hell. It's how it's chunky.

This victory I remember the wellest. I shed a tear when I had slain my black soulbrother.

y and my guitarplaying friend used the Konami code for 30 lives and I still end up stealing lives. He had an American NES, when I only had an Atari 2600. His mom sent him the latest games from California where she was born.

I have no words to praise this game as it deserves.

Note the narrative screen teknofunk . Innovative and surprisingly effective controls.

This was a lot of fun, the music is relentlessly psychedelic.

Also, forum philosophy.

Kidding, the baddies keep spawning indefinitely, and Ive not seen any end boss yet.
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Re: Games Played, Enjoyed And Completed

Postby humunculus » Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:58 pm

We like the story-puzzle games of which Myst was the archetype. If there has ever been another series of that quality, I don't know about it. Ravenhurst and one or two other Big Fish products have excellent graphics and some good challenges.
These are game we can play co-operatively (having aptitudes for different kinds of puzzle) rather than competitively. It's a good way to kill a winter afternoon.
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