The Sequel to MLP TOM... My Little Pony, Earth Boys

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The Sequel to MLP TOM... My Little Pony, Earth Boys

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:13 am

In a station on Mars, a remote science lab, EMD1, scientists discover a portal to another realm. They send their best and brightest minds through the portal, to unknown worlds, as scouts to search for new worlds and new lifeforms, as humanity's last best hope for peace.

In Equestria, the ponies are sitting at a picnic doing each other's nails. A portal appears. A man steps out. "What is this??" the ponies shriek. "Don't hurt it" says fluttershy.

The man says..."Oooh, talking ponies! Research must begin at once. This planet seems to be habitable to man, so we must subjugate its lifeforms and secure its resources. The ponies shall be used as slaves, just like the horses of old. It will be like the glory days of Earth, and of olde, all over again!"

there is a fight and the man loses. he is hoisted in the air thanks to twilight sparkles magic containment field.

"let me out! let me out! Ill help you! Ill help you!"

'havent heard that one a thousand times..." says twilight.

"No really, I will teach you the ways of man. Youre a scientist, im a scientist. You are interested in magic and research, learning new things, I am interested in teaching you those things."

"ok ok ok let him down" they all let him down.

"Ok, I will teach you the ways of Man. I give you heavy weapon, this is the way of man. Then i will teach you the magic of nuclear warfare."

"ooh ooh, goodie goodie!" says Pinky.

"Now this is an experimental weapon, and we men dont like to think things through before we do them, so lets test it out!"

pinkie loves this idea.

the man activates the weapon, which looks similar to a gravity beam from halflife, and it tosses and turns wildly around cutting all of the ponies in half, then it cuts him in half after shutting down.

"How on earth will i finish my dresses?" rarity asks.

"Well, you can always sell them half-price!" pinky pie says. *canned laughter comedy drum hit*

Man says "Dear celestia today i learned that i used this particle weapon and now everypony is cut in half. thats the magic of heavy weaponry. my only regret is that i didnt sell the abomb to you guys, cause i could have made a lot of money doing so. as far as my stay in equestria, it was pretty intense. the moral of the story, is we are all gonna die, and then were dead. the end. +1 for science."
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