Predictions from Zero_Sum and a heart felt greeting.

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Predictions from Zero_Sum and a heart felt greeting.

Postby Zero_Sum » Sat Mar 07, 2020 5:13 pm

Hey guys, miss me yet?

Just wanted to make sure everybody stocked up on a bunch of food and water with the latest Coronavirus viral pandemic circulating around the globe.

One person I'm following is predicting a bare minimum of fifteen million people dying from this thing around the world.

I have about six months of water and food myself along with plenty of popcorn. I'm doing great myself.

Oh by the way, the United States economy will be collapsing before the year is over, perhaps even within the next couple of weeks. =D> 8) :lol:

[Death of the United States dollar and such...]

It seems like yesterday I was laughed and mocked at here being called a conspiracy theorist nut where people were trying to discredit my views.

Well, guess who's laughing now? :P :evilfun: :lol: 8) :-" :mrgreen:

You kids have fun now! Don't be shaking hands with strangers either!

Consider this the fat lady singing ladies and gentlemen of ILP.....

"I'm sorry, but the lifestyle you've ordered that you've grown accustomed to is completely out of stock. Have a nice day! "-$$$

“Assuming one can never leave permanent social exile and alienation keep on living only to observe the total collapse of entire societies, nations, or civilizations where afterwards in the inevitable chaos revel in its total destruction taking satisfaction within it as a casual witness. Let it all burn and come crashing down in a festival or spectacle orgy of violence.”-Myself

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