Rununder still ok?

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Rununder still ok?

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:38 pm

I read this from rununder
rununder wrote:I don't know, eyes. I'm just hoping to make it another 3 years, myself. I don't even know if I'll last that long. With that in mind, I don't honestly care about what I eat at all. I don't expect to necessarily survive 10 more years. It's not like my life is particularly important, objectively, anyway. I have a few goals, somewhat small, and I'm working on them as I pass (the) time. Life is about passing time, mostly, in my opinion. Life is pretty boring, too. I honestly find deep conversations with you, to be a highlight of my existence.

Damn man, that's pretty damn depressing. I don't know if you are still alive, but I view your life as pretty important. You seem like an honest person who tells things like what it is. I would like to quote you and revive one of your statements from 4 years ago, so that we can all read it. Your grim, bleak, broken-man-film-noir down-to-earth writing style is quite a masterpiece in of itself.

rununder wrote:Firstly, I doubt most people will go along with you and eat "healthy". Diabetes and morbid obesity have become a new norm. The average American is so lethargic that he and she may not even become healthy, forced at gunpoint. And that's the trend of attitude too. Many Americans will rebel, before having a government or big brother figure dictating what people must eat. Alex Jones, Gobbo, and you don't get this point. The average American is contemptuous of such "socialism". People simply don't want to eat healthy. And if you force them overtly, then you're going to receive a backlash.

If it becomes "cool" to stick it to the man, the baby boomer liberal hippy politician, by stuffing your face with Big Macs, then that's what young Americans will do. "See how much junk food I can eat?! I'm cool!" I doubt that the contheorists can scare people into eating healthy, no matter how genetically modified the public drinking water gets. You can squeeze the hormones out of sewer rat testicles, dump it into the town's water, and the average American isn't going to give a crap.

Secondly, your egalitarianism will ring empty in most people's ears. Americans are individualists. Your caring for the well being of your neighbor, whether you're honest or not, will be taken with suspicion and paranoia. That's part of why the contheorists are coming out in full swing. The contheorist, completely individualized and separated from society, fear his neighbor. This is why Alex Jones and followers like Gobbo, become crazy with paranoia. They literally think their neighbor is a potential enemy, potential NWO agent, and out to get them. If you want your neighbor to eat healthily, because you "care" for him or her, and maybe you do maybe you don't, then that doesn't mean neighbors trust each other.

America is a culture of distrust. We're racially, ethnically, economically, politically divided more times than a broken mirror thrown into a tree chipper. There is no American society. Paranoia, fear, terrorism, NWO, illuminati, traitorism, these are the dominant themes of our American generation. And it's going to get a lot, lot worse. There is no trust. There is no society. And "socialism" is still a bad word. Socialism is taken as communism. I plan to start educating Americans, that the Cold War is now officially over, and the communists won. Look at how screwed up American society has become. How many people support the "traditional family"? None, and you think you can force more than 20 people on a city block to eat healthy? You're walking the wrong direction.

I'm not saying it can't be done. I'm saying you're trying to walk up a flat granite wall, with no footholds, with a sheet of ice as your friction. You have an uphill battle ahead of you. Economically it's even worse. Do you know what "health food" costs? Only the top 1%ers can afford "health food".

But, Earth is changing. Earth and humans, we have not stopped evolving. That's the point. Any food you could "take with us", is going to be qualitatively different. If astronauts have a pure liquid diet of hormones, genetically enhanced protein calories, and heavily refined fructose corn syrup, then that's that. I don't think that you are a food scientist. And they're the "experts", are they not?

Different foods for different functions. We may just have to lick the lichen off of Mars red rocks to survive there. If that's the case, then humans will adapt or die, as it's always been.

eyesinthedark wrote:
... and fruits and nuts.
I don't think it can be improved upon much. Scientists have found we can't digest and utilize supplements as well as whole foods. Even when taken with heavy doses of whole foods, our bodies have evolved to eat living foods, supplements are just as dead as refined calories, fats and carbohydrates.

Whole foods are complex, there's a lot of stuff in whole foods that're not necessarily nutrients but aid the digestion of nutrients, and a lot of nutrients only work properly when combined with the right other nutrients. There's also subtle variations of nutrients so refined vitamin A just isn't quite the same as vitamin A found in an apple or an orange. So far we haven't made any progress at all with Sci-foods, in fact we've taken a step or two back.

Again, why fuck up a good thing? Life wasn't shitty a century or two ago, it was descent, why assume it'll be better if we radically transform it? You only radically transform something if life is already bad and there's little or no risk of it getting worse because you're already scraping the bottom of the barrel, no place to go but up, not when it's fair or descent.

I'm not necessarily against change, science and technology altogether, but what's the rush, why did we feel the need to transform things so hastily, so recklessly, without fully considering the ramifications of our radical alterations? Why not experiment with these new foods in small doses here and there, and in the main, stick with our old way of living?

Western man is anti-world, that's our great sin, I think we can learn more from the peoples we nearly exterminated and subjugated like the Native Americans, just as they've learned from us. Why gamble your house at the casino when you have virtually everything you need, for money you're probably never going to see? It's absurd.

I've listened to people promote paleo-diets, and not cooking raw meat. Bruh, I gotta tell ya, humans started cooking meat thousands of years ago, as we evolved, for good reason. The problem with postmodernity is not reinventing the wheel, it is youngsters such as yourself uninventing the wheel. Backward is not forward. Stagnancy is not forward. Healthy does not mean a progression, until you really define health. You haven't done this, because you haven't differentiated what is healthy to the 250lb linebacker, who does need 3000-4000 calories a day.

How much should a woman eat? I know girls and women who eat very, very little. They're frail. They're weak and lithe, fragile, yet graceful. Some people say, claim, they need to eat more. But, do they, objectively? I disagree, some thin women don't need to "eat more". They look fine, and healthy, just the way they are. There's nothing wrong with being thin, and beautiful. There's nothing wrong with a young woman wanting to "maintain her figure". We can't ignore gender differences, and human differences, just to pay homage to political correctness, especially when it involves health.

I have some theories about why women tend not to eat, and stay thin. I'll talk to you about this point in private, since it may offend people publicly.

People are different. People have different diets. Diets reflect genetics. A carnivore is genetically a carnivore. Humans veer all over the road in this regard.

eyesinthedark wrote:
Yes but biology takes thousands, millions of years to evolve drastically, you can't expect it to evolve in a few decades. Again, cultural, scientific and technological evolution is outpacing biological evolution, and not just a little bit, but at an extraordinary and accelerating rate, far more than we've ever seen.

I'm not so certain. I believe that radical changes can occur with evolution, within a short timespan. I believe that evolution occurs in spurts, sometimes 1000 years will go by with relatively "no improvement". Then a vast change can occur within 100 years or 10 years. I can prove this, but, it's a digression. I may speak with you in private about this point, too. Evolution is not "constant". It can be, and seemingly is, sporadic. And, some species simply stagnant and "never evolve". They're in balance, in equilibrium. If a species, race, or ethnic group is not stressed, consciously or environmentally, then it can stagnate, or worse, decay into extinction.

Decadence, hedonism, and perversion are evidence of stagnancy, or, decay into extinction. This is devolution. It is quickly becoming more and more socially acceptable for people to not even have biological children at all. Therefore, most of the people having children are the social welfare leeches, who pop out several children beginning in middle school, and steal taxpayer money from hardworking, honest American citizens. The social welfare recipient is the "way of the future". She has several children, from a variety of deadbeat fathers, she gets loads of money from the state and taxes, free healthcare, and the average, hardworking, honest American is broke, has no health insurance, has no time or money for his or her own family, and has no future.

The decadents will win this culture war. They're the majority, by default. If they run out of money, then they'll just vote in a politician to get them more. The politicians will be pulled between two ends, the social welfare recipients and their 12 illegitimate children on the left hand, and the corporate 1% super wealthy elites on the right hand. That is what is meant by politically left and right. The politician hates "Middle America". There is no middle america. There is no future, there.

All of this applies to the contheorists, and food costs as well. The 12 illegitimate children need food. Do you honestly believe they care how they get the food, or what it's made of? They don't care. All they care about, is that the taxpayers and people with honest jobs, pay for the poor and destitute. Eating healthy? That's the least of anybody's concern, except the top 1%er perhaps. Are you a top 1%er? I doubt you're ultra wealthy. Maybe you are, and I'm wrong. But then, your healthy food diet is not the norm or standard. And I don't even think your message is going to appeal to the too rapidly disappearing "middle america". Middle america is worried about other issues, such as, how to pay $150,000 in medical bills, after a minor traffic accident sent you to the hospital with a chink in your back. Basically if anybody in middle america gets sick, then you're bankrupted.

Health? Seriously?! You need a lot of balls to talk about the general welfare and "health" of American society. Do neighbors, all of a sudden, in individualistic America care about health? I don't think so. Maybe you're making the first step into socialism, but, I doubt you're going to convince anybody, with your current presentation.

eyesinthedark wrote:
Aspartame is not a food, it takes a lot of resources for your body to purge all these poisons and toxins from itself, aspartame, fluoride, high fructose corn syrup, msg, etc, resources it doesn't have because your consuming nothing but calories and chemicals. These toxins interfere with our bodies natural processes, leading to all kinds of chronic ailments, diseases and subsequent infections.

You may have a higher metabolism than the average, however, you still require nutrients and there's no way you need 4000 calories a day to wipe your ass with toilet paper and type words on a philosophy forum. You can eat high calorie foods like beans, meats and nuts and get all the nutrients you require along with the energy, as opposed to eating beer, icecream, pizza and McDicks.

Eating "healthy" requires education, too. You're not mentioning this. I don't want to learn about food. I like the convenience and worry free, guilt free approach to American fast food. I think it's a good approach. Eating is not something I want to sit down at a table, with my family, for 2 hours, eating bread with olive oil. I want my food made in 2 minutes, tops. I want instant fast fast food. I want it now now now. Pack all those calories in in in. Put a multivitamin in there too. I want one swallow a day. I have shit to do, man. I'm busy!

Who has time to eat? I sure don't! Let's pack it all in, one super meal a day, 5000 calorie whopper, call it a week. One minute, done. Drive through, done. New world record. Is there something inherently, objectively "wrong" about this? I don't think so. I'm not convinced yet. Convince me. Have you sat with the average American for a dinner? They play with their cell phones. They're ADD. They can't have a "dinner". Nobody in America knows what "dinner" is, man. That's the past, the far, distant, 21st Century past. We've evolved. There are no "dinners" in the future. Put down the iPod? It's not happening.

Eyes, I saw this just a week ago, at a restaurant. A family of 7, sitting down at the table, 3 kids all on iPods playing video games. They hardly even stopped to eat! Nobody talks to each other face to face, a nation of autists. Everybody's online, instantaneously fast. You want to see the future? Look around you, it's going the exact opposite direction you're aiming for. If you want people to "eat healthy" then you better throw something bite size into a person's mouth from across the room. That's the only way people are going to "eat healthy". They're sure as hell, not going to do it sitting down, with other people, and talking face to face. Again, that's the past, not the future. If you want to eat healthy, then I recommend eating a baguette on the sidewalk at a cafe in France.

Americans don't care about "health". What is health? We should start with a definition, at least.

The major reason why life expectancy has increased is because the infant morality has been reduced, not because people are healthier now than they were previously, do your research. The average life expectancy of Romans was supposedly 30, but all the architects, orators, philosophers, politicians, poets and historians we know from Plato to Demosthenes, some of them from lower class roots, lived to be 60 - 90 years of age.

That's because back then, infants died a lot more frequently because ancient medical practices were largely inequipped to deliver babies and mothers and babies often died together as result. We've reduced the infant mortality rate by 5 or so times, and that's what's given us this supposed jump in life expectancy. The truth is, if you made it passed age 1 or 2, chances are you'd live till 70 or 80 in the Roman era unless you were a slave, beggar or barbarian, and probably 50 or 60 in the medieval era.

Tribal peoples were often even healthier than moderns and lived just as long, what killed them and often prevented them from living to 100 was accidents like getting bit by a scorpion or slipping and falling, and the fact that it wasn't always possible to take care of elders, cripples, the chronically ill and retards, back then.

I actually am a contheorist about cancer. I believe that doctors are overdiagnosing cancer in most adults, in order to get money. It's an industry, not a healthcare. Breastcancer rates shot up skyrocketed sky high, not because more women have gotten breast cancer in the previous 40 years, but instead because the internationalists run the healthcare in America. They're not actually interested in people's health. Just the opposite, the internationalists want Americans to die. And what better way to do this, then to also drain the banks of the average American, while he or she is dying of "cancer". I don't buy it.

The average woman doesn't have "breast cancer". Doctors just tell that to women, in general, scares the life out of them, and they go in for all the bullshit "treatments". It costs like half a million dollars a diagnosis. You think the internationalists are going to squander such an opportunity to make money off of people's misery??? No way, it's big business! Plus, the liberals get to brag about how they "survived breastcancer" and get to go on a breastcancer awareness tour. It's win win. Liberals love to brag about how they "overcame cancer". It's false.

It's just a cultish fad thing. I actually do feel bad, and empathize with real cancer patients, but they're actually very rare. Everybody technically has cancer. I have cancer. You have cancer. It's just a matter that some people are more susceptible to cancerous affects in middle age and old age. If the internationalists didn't falsely diagnose cancer so much, then America would save a lot of money, and I believe, far less people would die from "cancer". Many of these people being murdered, are actually dying from the "treatments". While the internationalist cabal is greedily counting their dollar bills in one room, an innocent woman is being zapped with full body catscans, MRIs, costing hundreds of thousands, and being fed "chemotherapy" poisons in their veins.

It's sick and disgusting. I don't believe the hype about "cancer". I don't buy it. "But my mother is a cancer survivor, Runu! How can you be so cold?!" I don't care. She may have gotten duped for her life savings. What do you want me to do about it? It's not like your average American knows anything about cancer, misdiagnosis, and treatments. I'd say, at a guess, that over 75% of the "medical profession" health industry is lies, scammers, and internationalist cabal looking to stick a bill into the corpses of dead Americans. They don't care if Americans die, and probably, laugh when Americans do die.

If somebody does have cancer, actually, then I really want to make sure it's life threatening and not some scammer trying to steal half a mil from my family or somebody I care about. As of right now, though, the entire society needs a huge shakeup and audit, or something. It's beyond criminal what these disgusting people are doing. That's my contheory of the week. I actually do buy into this one. Gobbo should send this one up to Alex Jones. That is worth talking about, in my opinion. It's beyond criminal! Hopefully my words can make all those scammers sweat just a little bit. And for people who may "fight cancer" in the future, make sure to do your homework, and take a healthy distrust to most "doctor" scammers. Make sure that your doctor is a family doctor, hopefully a blood relative, and you've known this doctor for decades, and the doctor has a perfectly clean and pristine background, family life, the whole shabang.

A good, true doctor, who won't scam you, and actually knows the real facts, and knows the overdiagnoses, is worth a mountain of gold. We need more true doctors in America, not scammers.

I don't know, eyes. I'm just hoping to make it another 3 years, myself. I don't even know if I'll last that long. With that in mind, I don't honestly care about what I eat at all. I don't expect to necessarily survive 10 more years. It's not like my life is particularly important, objectively, anyway. I have a few goals, somewhat small, and I'm working on them as I pass time. Life is about passing time, mostly, in my opinion. Life is pretty boring, too. I honestly find deep conversations with you, to be a highlight of my existence. I really look forward to these conversations, and feel more "alive" during times like these than any other times in my life.

Have you ever, once, tried to have a "conversation" with the people around in real life? It's like they're all brain dead, completely. It's almost as if the zombie apocalypse is already happening. The average American is so out of touch with reality, and anything with depth, that everything is just about video games. Everybody is just so, so, so superficial. So shallow. I honestly doubt I'll have a "deeper" conversation in my life, than this one I'm having with you right now. In fact, this may very well be the apex of my life and existence.

I could eat a bag of Trader Joe's nuts n berries mix, but, that doesn't even mean you're right about your arguments. You could be right, about the fact that I eat some peanuts and healthy stuff, and maybe I feel better, but none of this means that this is "the future", or that the rest of society, or more than several people will do what you're doing. Even if you convince me, then think about average America. Think about middle america, and the future.

I feel that I'm right on this one. I feel that you're facing backward into the past, not forward into the future. The only way you may pull off a "health food" revolution, is if you pack all your nutrients into a ball the size of your fist, and make it taste like blueberry pie, willy wonka style. Other than that, I don't think you'll convince more than 100 people at most.

The monarchs of yore, the top 1%ers, basically have nutritionists who research and feed them the top of the line food. Many elitist food is rich and high calorie, but also balanced and nutritious. The monarchs, the top of the social and cultural food chain, always get "first pick" of the food stocks. The monarchical family is the only family that really matters in a tribalist society.
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Re: Rununder still ok?

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