Advice to men regarding discussions with women

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Advice to men regarding discussions with women

Postby AutSider » Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:05 am

Don't engage retarded, man-hating females, and if you must do so, don't take them seriously. I've had more thought-provoking moments whilst replying to a single post by some of the more decent posters here than I did in all of my interactions with the brain-dead, man-hating cunts. In the end I concluded it's just not worth it. Most likely you'll just end up with a head-ache due to their stupidity, coupled with possible vomiting in response to their degeneracy.

They are the equivalent of the more fringe parts of MGTOW which completely hate women and want to see them extinct. There's nothing intellectual to any of it, just personal resentment most likely born of sexual/romantic frustration.

Feminism is bullshit, all waves of it are bullshit, equality is bullshit, basically anything to come out of anything leftist/liberal in the past 150-200 years or so is destructive bullshit that should be undone. White Shariah is the natural, healthy, and balanced way of organizing a society. Don't let the nasty cunts lead you astray by using emotional manipulation and trying to get you to do things harmful to men and society and thus even women in the long-term, by getting you to sympathize for "poor, oppressed, victim women" like damsels in distress whilst they will simultaneously of course criticize the "damsel in distress" trope for portraying women as weak and so on.

I recall this image that I regret not saving of a woman not being able to climb a wall or something like that on her own, so the situation developed in two ways: 1) The man who had already climbed pulled her up, 2) The man ignored her. Then it reveals the woman is a feminist and she criticizes him in both instances, in 1) for considering her so weak like a "damsel" that she needs his help, 2) for not helping her, being selfish, and so on. The point is that feminists need to maintain the narrative that they are victims, and they will interpret any situation in this way.

So if you disagree you'll be labeled a woman hater and misogynists by these crazy, lying, hypocritical cunts regardless of what you do or say, so who really gives a shit what they have to say about anything or what they call you?
One way to look at it is that there is no point ignoring reality to appease them so you might as well accept reality fully. Not an ideal way to reach this state of mind, but it's better than remaining in this bubble of debating every woman, child and imbecile as if what they have to say matters.

Stop validating them by treating them seriously as if they have some actual argument backing their positions. The only thing they have is threats of violence (by daddy state) and emotional manipulation, basically exploiting the feelings of sympathy men evolved to have when looking at a woman's face, especially that of a young, fertile woman.

The simple truth is that men and women are different, have different abilities and roles, and ought and desire to be treated differently, and one of the possible systems which takes all of this into account is, of course, White Shariah

Only nasty dykes and actual man-hating women actually desire to be equal to men, all the other women saying it are mostly just repeating what they are told because that's what women do. It's also a mechanism they use (subconsciously if they are stupid-average-moderately intelligent, possibly consciously if they are very intelligent) to filter out the alphas from betas, betas fall for this stupid nonsense of treating women as equals which in turn proves their status as beta whilst alphas correctly perceive it for the nonsense that it is and treat women as what they are, sexy fun-toys and baby-incubators. Yes, sex objects. Women prefer having both of these types of men around. Betas to serve them and do their bidding and put them on pedestals like princesses, alphas to lust after, get dicked down by and pressed against the floor like filth.
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